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By December 3, 2008 July 29th, 2016 Industry Perspective

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So, even though here at Blast we handle the media relations side of things–we still have a firm understanding of advertising and enjoy great ads as much as the next guy. And sure, there are your traditional advertising routes–magazines, newspapers, billboards and television commercials. But a recent CNN article really got me thinking. The article highlights a teacher who is using advertising…on the tests of his students! The high school AP Calculus teacher, Tom Farber, is using the advertising method on his tests to off-set the printing limit his school recently enacted. Instead of charging students for the extra costs, he came up with the idea to include advertisements on his tests that range from $10 for quizzes to $30 for the final exam.

Advertisements can be something as simple as an inspirational quote from a parent to a true ad, like one that read “Brace yourself for a great semester! Braces by Henry, Stephen P. Henry D.M.D.” With this advertising method, teachers obviously have a responsibility to choose advertisers wisely, because of the young audience. And because students aren’t used to seeing advertisements on things like tests and quizzes–advertisers can rest assured that their ad will be noticed and most likely talked about at lunch that day. Why hasn’t someone thought of this before as a way to off-set the steep costs of collegiate textbooks?

After a little research, I found a blog post over at AdvertisingFizz that covered some off-the-wall advertisements placed on everything from manhole covers to barf bags, parking lot stripes and eggs! Check it out!

Sidenote to this image: I understand the advertisement. I do not, however, understand the calculus question. Just another reason I love PR and the way things work here at BLAST, nothing over simple addition!

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