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As the leading podcast for SaaS marketers, we must provide insight into the ever-changing SaaS industry, and in 2022, we’ve experienced disrupting change! From the Great Resignation to a recession, we set out to help SaaS marketing teams answer the question of how to recruit and retain talent under these circumstances.

To learn from the best, SaaS Half Full spent time with leading marketers from HR Tech solutions to tackle how marketing orgs can best navigate the Great Resignation shift.

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Nailing Employer Brand with Amy Frampton, BambooHR

In this episode, Lindsey Groepper speaks with Amy Frampton, the Head of Marketing at BambooHR, about the importance of employer brand and its role in the evolving employee experience. How and what you are communicating to internal teams is crucial. Amy shares how to develop your employer brand, what marketing’s role is in the process, and how to work seamlessly with HR in its execution.

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Sharon Rusinowitz, ChartHop

In this episode, Lindsey Groepper and Sharon Rusinowitz, the Director of Content Marketing at ChartHop, discuss what the content team of the future looks like and how to re-shape how you think about content. Listen as Sharon discusses how to develop a B2B SaaS content strategy extending beyond the written word and how to create a cohesive narrative across mediums.

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Julia Stead, 15Five

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Featured BLASTmedia Case Study from HR Tech:

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Inspired by the candid conversations at the bar after conferences and events, SaaS Half Full provides insights from SaaS marketers and others charged with growing a SaaS business. 

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