IonTuition and META Select BLASTmedia as PR Agency of Record

(INDIANAPOLIS — Sept. 19, 2019) — BLASTmedia, the only PR agency dedicated to SaaS, recently added IonTuition and META to its roster of technology clients. IonTuition and META’s parent company, Ceannate Corp., based the decision to partner with BLASTmedia to lead PR strategy for both brands on the agency’s knowledge of the software space and established media relationships.

IonTuition is the most experienced, employee-centric partner in student loan repayment benefit solutions with a comprehensive approach to financial wellness. The personalized platform and deep relationships with servicers expedite resolutions for borrowers at all stages of the repayment cycle and sets them on a fast track to financial wellness. 

META is the first online counseling tool focused on college students. Colleges partner with META to supplement their campus wellness centers to ensure students have access to the mental health resources that are convenient for them. META provides freedom to choose your own therapist, start a dialog whenever and wherever convenient, and invest in self-care while staying within budget. 

“There are millions of college students, graduates, and employees with pressing issues that IonTuition and META address,” said Balaji “Raj” Rajan, CEO of Ceannate Corp. “Having a strong media presence is required to disseminate our messaging promoting financial and mental wellness.” 

IonTuition and META grew from higher education space with untapped potential value for HR/benefits and healthcare, opening up a variety of possibilities for media outreach. With the continued trend of younger generations struggling with stressors older Americans didn’t have, BLASTmedia’s ability to earn coverage that speaks directly to our country’s most pressing issues is essential to a successful PR strategy.

“We are excited to welcome IonTuition and META to our client family,” said Mendy Werne, CEO of BLASTmedia. “The companies fit well into our wheelhouse of expertise in promoting an issue-driven strategy while concurrently establishing credibility on a national scale.”

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