How to Win Big Through Reactive Pitching

Everybody likes a little competition. In PR, reactive pitching is a challenging yet rewarding way to boost brand exposure and get your company’s name in the headlines. 

Reactive pitching encompasses any kind of PR pitch sent to a member of the media in reaction to something else happening in the world. It could be an event, a trend, an announcement or an article. This PR tactic bets on risky factors such as predictions, strong stances and head-to-head competition. If you decide to invest in reactive pitching as a strategy, your company can win big with meaningful coverage.

Not sure how to get in the game? Here are three reactive formations your PR team can use to secure media coverage.


Every industry follows certain trends. Identifying and acting on these emerging trends is a difficult play but can greatly benefit your company’s reputation as thought leaders in the field. To run the play effectively, look to your thought leaders for comments or insights and prepare quotes ahead of time — timing is everything! Wait too long, and competitors will run past you, scoring coverage long before you can even touch the ball.

Breaking News Event

Be on the lookout for rumors that could eventually dominate news cycles. Data breaches, major weather events and pop culture drama could monopolize the media. Brands that want to participate in these kinds of conversations need to be ready to offer new insights or perspectives. Social media and customized alerts can help you find crucial information on topics within your industry before they become common knowledge. If you gather enough resources before the snap, you can be the first to offer comment or even break the news! 

Competitor Newsjacking

Offering your own reaction to competitor news is a great way to gain coverage. Look for upcoming announcements by monitoring competitors’ social media and blogs, then work with a thought leader within your company to develop a statement. CEOs or other executives can offer insight into how new developments may impact consumers, trends and the industry as a whole. Again, timing is everything. CEOs can be hard to reach for quick statements, so keep a back-up quarterback ready to field requests!

Does reactive PR pitching sound like your kind of game? Come check out “The Reactive PR Playbook for SaaS Brands” to start planning your next play.

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