How B2B SaaS PR Can Help Power the Customer Journey

As a B2B SaaS PR agency, we understand the five steps of the SaaS customer journey and what it means to secure meaningful press coverage that influences decision-making along the way. Let’s take a look at how PR can help guide potential and current customers through the stages of awareness, consideration, purchase, retention and advocacy.

Awareness goes far beyond sending out a mass email or communicating to your audience via social media. Oftentimes the best awareness is created by making sure that your company appears in the media that your target audiences are listening to, watching and reading. One way to do this is by placing your executives in front of your audience using media coverage that builds them up as industry thought leaders. Whether through a piece of contributed content or an interview, your CEO or other top executives can build brand awareness on behalf of your company. Creating a continuous pipeline of company coverage and contributed content can help break through the noise and differentiate your brand.

A well-thought-out public relations strategy can position your company in front of the right audience to showcase the problem they may be facing, present the solution you offer, and highlight how it is a differentiator in the market. By asking the right questions to understand your target audience — like what is their occupation and in what industry? How do they use your product, if at all? What is their primary business goal? — and, in turn, targeting the right audience, PR can drive prospects to consider your product as the best solution to their pain point.

Typically, B2B software decision makers don’t usually buy after the first touch point. Earning product coverage helps drive customers to point of purchase. Building analyst relationships can also put your company top of mind with industry experts looking for a solution.

Your customers look to you for industry knowledge and as a market leader. To cater to this, PR can develop thought leadership content and other stories that, when published as media coverage, continue to educate your customers past their initial purchase point. Not only does this provide a hub of information for your customers, but it builds your credibility and helps maintain your current customer base. Sounds like a win-win to us.

The final, and arguably most important, step in the customer journey is advocacy. Your best customers are believers and strategic PR can help turn them into advocates through case studies that highlight how your product solved their problems. Having a variety of use cases that speak to your real-life results make for impactful B2B SaaS PR coverage, no matter the industry. In addition, case studies can be used to educate media on how your product works and can be referenced in thought leadership contributed content for more real-world examples.

Considering the five steps of the customer journey is crucial to executing a top-notch public relations strategy. While some steps play hand-in-hand with each other, they each play a significant role in the SaaS customer journey.

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