5 Places to Promote Media Coverage

Earned media coverage is exciting. Whether it’s a product review, a bylined article or a feature on your company — it is satisfying to see the finished product go live. Part of the excitement lies in the enormous potential of earned media coverage. For a SaaS brand, PR can help influence your customers, employees, investors and partners.

Media coverage can be maximized to increase brand awareness, establish credibility and level the playing field with competitors. In order to experience the full value of your coverage, you should take steps to extend the life of coverage beyond the day it runs. 

5 Places to Promote Media Coverage 

One way to maximize media coverage is by promoting it on your own channels. Here are a few options to explore:

  1. Corporate Social Media Platforms

All impactful media coverage you secure should be shared through on your company’s Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn pages. Ensuring your coverage is part of the conversation on social media is a great way to continue building your brand awareness.

To get the most out of each platform, make adjustments to each post according to where you plan to publish:

  • On Twitter, mention the author or outlet’s Twitter handles in the tweet. If the publication or reporter tweets the story from their account, give it a retweet (RT).
  • On Facebook, use a photo or video from the coverage and link to the story. 
  • On LinkedIn, share the coverage with a focused summary geared toward the business-focused audience of LinkedIn. Check out their recommended hashtags to find relevant ones to include, so you know your brand will be part of the right conversations. 
  1. News or Press Page on the Company Website

Your website is a great place to keep a running list of your coverage. Keep it updated to show off your brand’s credibility and executives that are featured in the press. Our client, Moogsoft, has a great example of a newsroom page where they showcase recent press releases, thought leadership articles and other media mentions and awards. 

  1. Company Blog 

An often neglected place to promote media coverage is your corporate blog. Try writing a monthly coverage-roundup blog to highlight positive press to your blog readers. Include a few recent pieces of coverage in each post. Another way to promote coverage through your blog is by repurposing a bylined article into a blog post like our client 6Sense did. 

  1. Newsletter 

Do you send out a regular, monthly newsletter (while we’re here, check out ours, SaaS Half Full)? If so, you should be dedicating a section of it to highlighting your recent media coverage. This is a great way to ensure your media mentions are getting in front of your newsletter readers such as employees, investors and partners. 

  1. Employee Email Signatures 

You might be missing out on a huge marketing channel each time you and your colleagues send an email. Whether it is an internal email, response to a client, a check-in with investors or outreach to a prospect, an email signature is a great place to share media coverage. Your email signature is highly-viewed, free real estate. Add a graphic linking to coverage into your email signature so every email you send will share it. 

Media coverage’s impact doesn’t stop the day it runs. Media coverage can build your brand awareness, establish the credibility of your executives and level the playing field with competitors if you properly leverage it.

Frequently asked questions:

  • How do I share media coverage on social media?
    When sharing media coverage on social media, make sure to include a link to the coverage and tag either the publication or the journalist. If sharing from a personal account, you should also tag your company.
  • Why is media coverage important?
    Media coverage helps brands increase brand awareness among target audiences. It can also help establish brand messaging, support the creation of a new brand category and influence perception.
  • What is media coverage?
    The term media coverage is used to refer to blogs, articles and other types of content published by an outside organization that include a company’s brand, product, services or spokespeople. Articles secured as a result of PR outreach are often referred to as media coverage.