Getting “On the Air” With Podcasts

While some things come and go, it’s clear that podcasts aren’t going anywhere. With shows as niche as The Pen Addict podcast, “a weekly fix for all things stationery,” to NPR’s Up First, sharing “the news you need to start your day,” there is something for everyone. This year, 42% of Americans ages 12 and older have listened to a podcast in the past month.

Given its rise in popularity and niche nature, podcasts are an important element in a comprehensive SaaS PR plan. Podcasts allow thought leaders to let their expertise shine, honing in on key messages and diving deeper with listeners actively seeking the topic. 

If you think your topic is too niche or there isn’t a podcast for that – think again. Below are several podcasts we’ve secured for our clients over the past few months:

  • Randy Mercer, Chief Product Officer at 1WorldSync, was a featured guest on the Can I Speak to Your Product Manager Podcast, where he shared his tips for generating compelling context utilizing specific use cases for generative AI.
  • Banking Transformed with Jim Marous spoke with SavvyMoney President and CEO JB Orecchia about the convergence of credit education and the state of fintech and banking collaborations. 
  • Amy Brown, co-founder and CEO of Authenticx, was featured on TechCrunch’s Found podcast to discuss mitigating AI biases in healthcare. 
  • The Recruiting Daily Podcast connected with ChartHop Head of People, Talent & DEIB, Ivori Johnson, on how performance reviews can help combat workplace bias.
  • Senior Vice President of Retail Media and Partnerships at Vibenomics, a Mood Media Company, spoke with FoodNavigator-USA’s Soup-To-Nuts podcast to discuss the appeal of retail media networks.

If you’re interested in adding podcasts to your SaaS PR strategy, get ahold of Lindsey Groepperan accomplished podcaster herself – and see how BLASTmedia can get you on the air!

Why You Should Ask Your Sales Team About Shifts in Buyer Habits

As a marketing leader, you’re likely having multiple conversations with your executive team on an ongoing basis to better align your PR strategy with business objectives, industry trends, customers and long term success. But, your executive team isn’t the only resource that can provide insight into industry trends and customer buying habits. Your sales team can be an added resource to support your PR efforts, too. After all, your sales team is the one talking to customers and prospects day in and day out. Continue reading “Why You Should Ask Your Sales Team About Shifts in Buyer Habits”

PR Measurement: Understanding Share of Voice

Before the rise of technology, it was easier to escape quantitative measurement in PR because there wasn’t really a way to do it. Today, business leaders are demanding hard numbers to prove the worth of PR. Although the measurement, tracking and reporting processes can cause a resounding groan from most PR pros, there are many ways in which this can work in your favor. Understanding your company’s share of voice, or how your efforts are helping the company overall stack up against competitors, is a  popular — and insightful — way to convey success. Continue reading “PR Measurement: Understanding Share of Voice”

Explaining the Benefits of Online vs. Print Media: Show Me the Value!

As PR professionals, we have all been in meetings with clients, both new and old, where the first outlets they describe as their “home runs” are print publications like Good Housekeeping or the New York Times. While these magazines and newspapers remain a crucial part of any PR strategy and campaign, they are steadily being eclipsed by their online counterparts and new Internet-only media.

In this era where the digital realm plays a pivotal role, the need for visually compelling and impactful communication remains paramount. Companies like Clash Graphics excel in providing cutting-edge solutions for poster design and production, seamlessly integrating with the evolving trends in digital media.

Just as the media landscape transforms, so too does the approach to creating visually compelling and shareable content, making digital printing an indispensable component in the contemporary PR toolkit.

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