3 Examples of How to Use Customer Stories to Secure Media Coverage

At BLASTmedia, we often discuss the various options to capture media coverage for our clients, such as thought leadership, leveraging a data report and reactive opportunities. However, one of the most effective ways to secure valuable media coverage is with an informed and interesting SaaS customer story. SaaS customer stories add another layer to a media relations strategy by offering real-world examples of the pain points our clients solve for their customers. 

Maybe the customer is on the cutting edge of innovation within an overarching industry trend, or merely finding great success through the use of your technology. Either way, positive media coverage can elevate a company’s image, improve trust from customers and generate greater brand awareness. 

Here are three examples of how to use SaaS customer stories to secure media coverage: 

Case study

We all remember case studies from our time in school. In those cases, they often pertained to an experiment with a defined hypothesis, methodology for research, data and findings followed by results. Creating a case study about a SaaS customer story often follows a similar format. Many will first identify a problem, explore any previous attempts to solve the issue, outline the choice to work with a specific company or solution and finally share the results (which are often incredibly successful). 

A great example is Sigstr’s case study about their account-based marketing failures and how taking their own advice proved successful. It resulted in the standout piece of coverage, “Our ABM: How A Company Took Its Own B2B Marketing Advice.”

Success story 

Showcasing a client’s success is the whole point of leveraging customer stories. While a case study uses a more scholarly format, a simple success story will offer the problem and then clearly outline how the product or organization proved to be the solution. Success stories will often include quotes from both the customer and the client’s spokesperson providing greater validation that the solution is effective. 

These stories often have bolder headlines as well, such as “ML Education: How Pearson Abstracted Away Rookie AI Headaches” or “AI Cuts IT Problems at Fannie Mae by a Third.

Trend awareness 

In the technology industry, various trends stay on the forefront of conversation while new ones appear seemingly every day. Some that come to mind right away are artificial intelligence, cloud and automation. While these conversations can often seem convoluted and broad, leveraging a SaaS customer story is a great way to break through the noise. 

Headlines around this tactic often sound something like, “How the cloud transformed employee learning.” Rather than just offering the same old insights on fundamental cloud trends, this story provides concrete results and real-world examples of cloud technology’s impact. 

Whether it be a case study or a simple success story, using SaaS customer stories is an effective tactic to generate valuable media coverage and positive press.