Zylo, an enterprise SaaS optimization platform, secured a $9.3M Series A lead by Bessemer Venture Partners with participation from Salesforce Ventures and the Slack Fund.


While Zylo’s funding round boasted impressive names like Bessemer Venture Partners, Salesforce Ventures and the Slack Fund, it was on par with the amount typical of a Series A for a SaaS startup. With SaaS startups frequently announcing funding, Zylo needed a way to stand out from the pack. The team looked to use the announcement as a way of gaining the attention of potential enterprise customers and adding legitimacy to the company that would, in turn, help with both securing future investors and hiring efforts.


BLASTmedia sought to develop a story that was bigger than Zylo’s funding news, centering on how the company was helping the SaaS landscape as a whole and the overall growth of the subscription economy. However, because SaaS management is still a relatively new market category, BLASTmedia understood that in order to get there, they would also need to educate audiences as to why SaaS management is important for enterprises.

Ahead of the announcement, BLASTmedia conducted story mining sessions with key thought leaders at Zylo, as well as a representative from High Alpha, the venture studio out of which the startup launched. Based on the information uncovered during these sessions and the complexity of the story that the team desired to tell, BLASTmedia determined that offering an exclusive would be the best way to convey the impact of Zylo on the industry at large.

From there, BLASTmedia derived a strategy for both a national exclusive and a local exclusive in Indianapolis, where Zylo is located. BLASTmedia also connected with the Bessemer Venture Partners communication team to ensure that efforts were aligned.

National Exclusive

As a SaaS thought leader who has covered numerous SaaS organizations and the world of tech VC, Alex Konrad of Forbes has the industry expertise to not only understand Zylo as it relates to the industry but also offer an in-depth story — rather than simply focusing on funding. Alex was chosen as the national exclusive target.

After Konrad accepted the exclusive, BLASTmedia provided information about Zylo, facts surrounding the announcement, and offered up a variety of spokespeople — including Scott Dorsey, High Alpha managing partner, and founder of ExactTarget, which sold to Salesforce in 2013 — to provide a well-rounded perspective. BLASTmedia coordinated the interviews and all internal participants were briefed on the goals and key messaging points of the conversation.

Local Exclusive

In addition to outreach to a national exclusive, BLASTmedia also looked to secure a local exclusive to communicate to local customers, investors and partners — including possible talent which the startup sought to attract. The team connected with the tech reporter at the Indianapolis Business Journal to help develop a story about the announcement.

Launch Day Outreach

The day of the announcement, BLASTmedia leveraged the participation of well-known investors in the funding round to garner additional interest. Sharing the press release, as well as other relevant information, with VC, IT, tech trade and additional local Indianapolis media outlets.


Efforts resulted in feature stories in Forbes and the Indianapolis Business Journal, as well as nearly 30 additional pieces of coverage in a variety of outlets, including Fortune Term Sheet, WSJ Pro VC, PYMNTS, Axios Pro Rata, Silicon Angle, peHUB and CMSWire.

On the day of the Series A announcement day, Zylo saw the most website traffic than any day in the startup’s history.


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