BLASTmedia began work with Scout RFP in 2016, as a Series-A startup working out of its first San Francisco office. The company had little awareness in a category filled with large competitors, so BLASTmedia focused on securing prospect-facing press to help meet customer-acquisition goals. 

The growth led to Scout’s Series B announcement, where the vertical press was complemented with securing company culture and leadership stories to attract talent. Adding in a PR strategy around internal data showed authority in the space and positioned Scout RFP as a legitimate player. 

Scout moved offices and secured its series C, with eyes set on exit through acquisition. With this in mind, the PR focus shifted to secure company growth features and founder stories to attract investors and acquirers. Scout RFP was acquired by Workday in November of 2019. 

“You all did an amazing job with Scout — one that you should be very proud of. I am so glad that you were part of the journey, thank you all for your hard work.” – Michaela Dempsey, VP Marketing, Scout RFP

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