Apteligent, a mobile app intelligence provider with customers like eBay, Pinterest, LinkedIn and CNN, relies on BLASTmedia to secure top-tier media placements for the company’s monthly reports of mobile performance benchmark data. The goal: to increase awareness of the brand as a thought leader in mobile data intelligence.


In September 2016, media began to report that batteries within the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 were exploding. BLASTmedia knew that Apteligent had a wealth of data surrounding mobile usage, but had to uncover data that was relevant to this particular Note 7 crisis. With significant noise surrounding the issue already, BLASTmedia set up a data-mining session with Apteligent to determine how the brand could participate in the conversation in a meaningful way.


With previous Apteligent data reports exhibiting that the company could provide usage data of specific phone models, BLASTmedia asked Apteligent to explore data surrounding the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. Were consumers still rolling the dice and using Note 7 devices even after reports of the significant battery malfunction? The surprising answer was yes, and Apteligent was the first to say consumers were still using the phone after reported explosions.

BLASTmedia crafted messaging surrounding the data and a corresponding chart from Apteligent and began to make outreach to the agency’s media contacts at  mobile, tech, mass consumer and national business outlets. Offering interviews with Apteligent and the various assets available, BLASTmedia continued to follow the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 story as it developed, adjusting messaging to address the latest updates from both Samsung and consumers, and working with Apteligent to update charts and pull additional data points.


By approaching the media with new angles and data points as the story progressed, BLASTmedia was able to extend the campaign over multiple months. Commentary from Apteligent surrounding Samsung Galaxy Note 7 usage was included in more than 90 articles, including features and interviews in Forbes, The Washington Post, CNET, Business Insider, BuzzFeed and NBC News Online.

BLASTmedia used Apteligent’s subsequent, “Mobile Year in Review” report, which also included Samsung Galaxy Note 7 data, to generate more than 50 pieces of additional coverage. Today more than ever, Apteligent’s data and commentary is proactively sought out by the media to include in mobile-industry stories.


“Despite the dangers, most Note 7 owners have just gone on using their devices, according to recent data.”

The New York Times

“Data from the mobile analytics firm Apteligent showed that while Samsung’s recall appeared to have stopped new sales of the phone, a majority of people who had the affected phones were continuing to use them.”


“However, while sales of the Note7 dropped after reports of exploding batteries started surfacing, data from Apteligent shows that most people who already owned the phone hadn’t stopped using it.”