Appirio, a global cloud services company, regularly attends Salesforce’s annual user conference, Dreamforce. As a long-time Salesforce strategic partner, Dreamforce presents a unique opportunity for the company to connect not only with customers and prospects, but also press from key target verticals including: channel, CRM, tech, marketing and business.


Appirio called on BLASTmedia to give the brand a voice in the crowded conversation surrounding Dreamforce, leveraging the conference to highlight unique perspective from Appirio spokespeople. Although Dreamforce presents an ideal target audience for Appirio, the scale of the event and the number of powerhouse companies attending makes it difficult to cut through the noise and attract attention from media and prospects. To add another challenge layer, press interested in meeting with Appirio were asked to leave the Dreamforce site for meetings with Appirio spokespeople in their hospitality venue – the Appirio Club.


Knowing that three different spokespeople would be available to take press briefings, BLASTmedia worked with Appirio to develop unique topics for each to speak to during potential one-on-one scheduled meetings with the media. Doing so not only provided an opportunity to further develop each of these spokespeople as thought leaders, but also provided a broad scope of topics for use in press outreach. For example, while some editors at media outlet TechTarget might be interested in speaking with Appirio’s CIO and SVP of global services about the company’s solutions and product roadmap, a business reporter might find the CEO’s take on why acquisitions fail more compelling.

With a knowledge of what each thought leader could speak to during the event, BLASTmedia developed a list of target media and additional story angles, matching media contacts to the angle most likely to resonate with each. To help secure interest, BLASTmedia also leveraged the exclusive appeal of Appirio Black Cards, which provided card holders with invite-only access to the Appirio Club — an invite-only space located just steps from the event location, offering coffee, private WiFi and other amenities — where press meetings were held.

In addition to briefings at the Apprio Club, BLASTmedia leveraged an an analyst roundtable hosted by Appirio during Dreamforce to secure interest from select members of the media. The roundtable was an invite-only opportunity to speak with Appirio’s CEO and Wipro’s SVP and global head of business application services about the state of the Appirio/Wipro acquisition. BLASTmedia positioned it as a unique opportunity for press to hear from leaders at both organizations, as well as industry analysts.

For those press who could not meet with Appirio during the show, BLASTmedia set-up both pre- and post-show briefings. The team also made outreach to the press regarding the announcement of Appirio’s new Salesforce Lightning Bolt solutions, which launched during the event, to generate additional media coverage outside of press briefings.


BLASTmedia secured seven one-on-one media briefings at the Appirio Club with outlets like Reuters, Diginomica and TechTarget, resulting in media features and furthering relationships with the key media contacts. Press attendance at the analyst roundtable resulted in a feature in Diginomica about the company as a whole, and outreach surrounding Appirio’s new Salesforce Lightning Bolt solutions resulted in additional media coverage in outlets like TechTarget and Digital Commerce 360.



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