Vennli, a cloud-based survey platform that focuses on customer choice, provides a tool for agencies that allows these firms to use customer feedback and competitive data to better inform and win new business pitches.


The primary challenge with Vennli is targeting a very specific prospect: business development representatives (BDRs) and executives at marketing agencies — not just any agency professional or the agency as a whole. To reach this audience, there needed to be a campaign developed that spoke directly to this buyer vs. a campaign or content that spoke to the general marketing or agency professional.


With the goal of driving marketing qualified leads and positioning the company as a go-to resource for agency new business leaders, BLASTmedia worked with Vennli to conceptualize and develop a downloadable ebook, Five Ways to Differentiate Your Agency Pitch.

BLASTmedia conducted planning sessions with Vennli to strategize how best to leverage the ebook for maximum impact, identifying angles and key findings that would appeal to different individuals within Vennli’s target audience for the ebook.

From there, BLASTmedia used content creation and media relations to further propel the ebook and its key findings:

1. Media relations – Vennli’s ebook touched on subjects that appeal to a variety of agency types – advertising, marketing and public relations. Understanding that interests would vary depending on each media outlet, BLASTmedia identified key data points that would appeal most to specific media contacts and made outreach accordingly, customizing outreach to appeal to that individual’s beat and area of interest.

BLASTmedia also drafted and distributed a press release that summarized findings and key takeaways from the Five Ways to Differentiate Your Agency Pitch ebook. In doing so, the team was able to position the ebook and its findings as a larger industry resource, rather than simply marketing collateral. The press release also offered an opportunity to introduce Vennli’s business development manager as someone with expertise in the space.

2. Content creation – As experts in business intelligence, BLASTmedia understood that commentary from the Vennli team could add value to interested media and that contributed content could provide another avenue to link back to the website. The team worked with Vennli to draft an article based on the findings, which could then be offered to relevant publications that accept contributed content, like PR Daily.

By paring media relations and content creation with a traditional press release, the team was able to develop a proactive strategy that allowed for multiple media touchpoints within the first few weeks of the ebook launch. To better understand the results of these various touchpoints, the team at BLASTmedia also worked with Vennli to establish UTM parameters that could be used with Google Analytics to determine the source of specific lead gen.


Outreach resulted in coverage in a variety of leading marketing and advertising trade publications, including MarketingProfs, MediaPost, PR Daily, eMarketer and MarTech Series. Within the first 18 days of the ebook going live, referring traffic from coverage drove more than 60 marketing-qualified leads.



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