Koorsen Fire and Security, one of the largest fire protection and business security companies in the country, engaged BLASTmedia to help gain visibility as a leading voice among key industry verticals — including healthcare, education, hospitality, construction, restaurant and facilities management. The company also sought to increase awareness within both new and existing regional markets, including Nashville, Louisville, Cincinnati and Columbus.


Koorsen is a more than 70-year-old brand and recently put in place a growth strategy centered on the acquisition of small competitors in target growth markets. While Kooren is a legacy brand in its long-standing markets, overall brand recognition was low in many of the company’s new target industries and geographies. The team at BLASTmedia was challenged to both understand and approach a wide variety of vertical targets — including everything from education and construction to technology and security — with the goal of gaining meaningful exposure for the Koorsen brand among commercial decision makers. This required not only building on existing and new media relationships in regional markets familiar with Koorsen, but also generating media coverage in new industry verticals and markets the company had recently entered by way of acquisition.


Knowing that both trade and local coverage were necessary to help Koorsen achieve their marketing goals, BLASTmedia established regional and vertical-based strategies. These strategies were executed concurrently throughout the first nine months of the relationship, allowing BLASTmedia to begin securing coverage quickly in a variety of publications.

Strategy for Regional Markets With limited business media in the regional markets Koorsen sought to target, BLASTmedia had to develop a strategy that would resonate with consumer-facing media, but still speak to the commercial audience that the company ultimately sought to target. Knowing that local broadcast media would be a key component of this regional outreach, BLASTmedia also sought to develop stories that were visual in nature.

To secure broadcast coverage in regional markets, BLASTmedia developed a campaign around The Kasey Program — an educational fire-safety initiative started by professional firefighter Jeff Owens that includes fire-safety tips demonstrated by his black Labrador, Kasey. While the The Kasey Program campaign was both visually-appealing and consumer-friendly, making it ideal for local broadcast media, it also appealed to a commercial audience by offering educational insights about fire safety that applied to professional and commercial spaces.

BLASTmedia also considered visual components when developing an educational campaign surrounding National Fire Prevention Month. To secure local broadcast coverage, the team offered on-air demonstrations, including how to properly use a fire extinguisher, along with educational insights. 

Strategy for Industry Verticals
Like the National Fire Prevention month campaign, BLASTmedia also kept timeliness in mind when developing a strategy for securing coverage within new industry verticals previously untapped from a media standpoint. Knowing that many of the target publications would accept contributed content, BLASTmedia worked with Koorsen to develop ready-to-run thought-leadership content that presented industry insights on timely industry topics.

For example, when the National Fire Protection Association announced changes to the standard for ventilation control and fire protection of commercial cooking operations (NFPA 96), BLASTmedia worked with Koorsen to develop an article, drafted on behalf of Koorsen’s VP of service management, about how that change would impact the restaurant industry. The piece was offered to media contacts in restaurant trade and versions of the piece were published on a variety of outlets including Fast Casual, a leading website covering the fast casual restaurant industry segment, and Retail & Restaurant Facility Business Magazine, a print publications serving the restaurant industry.


In the first eight months working with Koorsen Fire and Security, BLASTmedia secured nearly 100 pieces of coverage, including more than 60 pieces of regional market coverage and 24 pieces of industry trade coverage. Industry trade coverage spanned ten verticals, including coverage in restaurant trade, education and hospitality.

Compared to the previous year period, the number of website sessions from each new target market increased by at least 65 percent* — demonstrating a lift in brand awareness and impacting top-of-the-funnel leads for Koorsen.

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*Excludes sessions generated by pay-per-click (CPC) advertising efforts.