Fizziology, a leading global audience insights firm which tracks and analyzes data from social media, called on BLASTmedia to help increase awareness of the company as a trusted provider of audience insights and social media data in its target verticals – including the TV industry.


Fizziology tracks social media chatter for all major brands, films and television shows through its proprietary social media listening and audience insights platform. Trending topics on social media hit quickly and getting this info in the hands of the media before it becomes a story requires fast action. Fizziology noticed that the Netflix original show, ‘13 Reasons Why’ was receiving significant social media attention, and, when comparing the data to that of other Netflix shows, they uncovered ‘13 Reasons’ had received more interaction on social media than any other Netflix original show in its first week, post-premier.

With ‘13 Reasons Why’ already streaming for a week and the fast-moving nature of entertainment and pop culture news, the BLASTmedia team was challenged with inserting Fizziology’s data into the intensifying news cycle surrounding the show.


One-week post premier, Fizziology provided raw social volume data comparing ‘13 Reasons Why’ to 12 additional popular Netflix shows. Within 30 minutes of Fizziology sending data, BLASTmedia was contacting journalists and putting its outreach plan into action. BLASTmedia implemented a three-point pitch strategy including content creation, media relations and thought leadership:

Content Creation
To showcase the data in a quick, visual and digestible format, BLASTmedia spearheaded the creation of a data visualization chart to accompany the raw data to share with press contacts. 

Media Relations
Netflix does not release viewership data on its shows, even to show creators and producers, which presents a challenge for entertainment media looking to “rank” OTT shows like ‘13 Reasons Why.’ BLASTmedia identified and leveraged this media pain point in their pitching strategy, offering Fizziology’s data as the solution.

Thought Leadership
As experts in audience insights and data analysis, BLASTmedia understood that commentary from the Fizziology team could add value to interested media. The team worked with Fizziology to draft perspective and quotes on behalf of the co-CEO that could be used in outreach, along with the raw data and data visualization.

The timeliness of this data meant that reactive outreach was extremely important. BLASTmedia reached out editors and contributors that had previously covered popular OTT and network shows as well as social media, live televised events, teen interest and entertainment friendlies.

With Fizziology’s data making such a substantial claim, editors turned to Twitter to fact-check the firm’s findings and found them to be accurate. As one editor reported, “The data lines up with insights Twitter provided to Refinery29 about the show, too. The social media platform said in an email that 13 Reasons Why generated more than 3.2 million tweets during its first week.”

After BLASTmedia began to secure coverage based on the data released by Fizziology, other social media tools followed suit and began sharing their data about the popular series with entertainment media.


Google Trend results for ‘13 Reasons Why’ peaked the week BLASTmedia began pitching. During that week and the thirty days following, BLASTmedia secured coverage for Fizziology using their ‘13 Reasons Why’ data in 90 outlets including Yahoo! News, MSN, Business Insider, The Daily Beast, Refinery29, Thrillist, CinemaBlend, Inquisitr, Elle, Paste Magazine, Elite Daily, Digital Spy, Teen Vogue, SELF, Seventeen, Insider, PopCrush, and Just Jared Jr.

The resulting readership for these combined outlets was nearly 892 million, almost three times the entire population of the U.S. Coverage also resulted in over 75,000 social shares and was tweeted by Jay Asher, the author of the novel on which the Netflix show is based.

Fizziology is now regarded as a credible source of audience and volume data among editors at publications covering their target vertical of OTT, network channels and the TV industry at large.

  • Coverage: 90 articles in both business and entertainment outlets
  • Social shares: 75,631, including a share from the author of the original 13 Reasons Why book, Jay Asher (+45,000 followers)
  • Business value: Credibility among the TV industry