CloudPassage, a creator of the world’s leading agile security platform, engaged BLASTmedia to help establish the credibility of the company among key industry verticals, including security, financial services and IT, as well as position CloudPassage as a thought leader in the security space.


Through the client onboarding process, BLASTmedia discovered that CloudPassage had compelling perspective on what the future of cloud security looks like and predictions for what DevOpps teams had in store for the year ahead.  BLASTmedia knew that the predictive content would resonate well with the IT media for January commentary, but the relationship began already weeks into December.


Within the first week of the being onboarded, BLASTmedia scheduled a full story-mining session with the CTO of CloudPassage to dive deeper into the most noteworthy security trends of 2017. While a full quarterly plan was being developed, BLASTmedia knew that they had to jump into action immediately with the predictions to gain any significant share of voice for CloudPassage in January.

Using the commentary from the session, BLASTmedia drafted a list of predictions and an accompanying byline. From there, BLASTmedia made outreach to top tier media who covered IT predictions in 2016, as well as key media relationships with those editors who tackle trends in IT, cloud computing, IoT, and financial services. The team also pitched the bylined article to contributed content gatekeepers as a way to introduce them to CloudPassage and its executives.


In the first 30 days of working with BLASTmedia, predictions from CloudPassage were included in articles from target media including Dark Reading, Network World, CSO, FinTech Innovation and TechBeacon. TechRepublic also interviewed the company’s CTO about his predictions and subsequently wrote three articles based off that information.

Long term, BLASTmedia was able to provide introductions for the CTO and highlight his expertise, allowing the team to begin nurturing relationships for CloudPassage with key media, including BuzzFeed, TechCrunch, CRN and SecurityWeek.

Dark Reading

“I believe we’ll see public cloud adoption hit mainstream,” says Carson Sweet, co-founder and CTO at CloudPassage.

CSO Online

“Carson Sweet, co-founder and CTO at CloudPassage, said privacy will take center stage over security.”


“The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) alone is expected to $151 billion by 2020 and could be eclipsed by the Personal Internet of Things (PIoT), said Carson Sweet, CTO of security firm CloudPassage.”