ATOMIZED, the first dynamic, cloud-based visual content calendar for brand marketers and their agencies, engaged with BLASTmedia to help increase awareness and position the company as a thought leader among key verticals of marketing and advertising.


Faced with a crowded marketing SaaS landscape, BLASTmedia was challenged with identifying unique topics that would not only appeal to the press, but also add value to ATOMIZED by addressing topics that would help further the brand’s position. The team had to tackle how to expand thought leadership and profiles beyond marketing and advertising trade media, penetrating the national business press as well.


BLASTmedia began by conducting a story-mining session with the CEO of ATOMIZED to uncover topics he was passionate about, as well as potential contrarian perspectives we could pitch to the media in the form of byline articles and quotes. As a former creative strategist at Facebook, the CEO had real-world, relatable experience from which we could pull, and his high-profile background provided us a credible and interesting spokesperson to present to the media.

After deciding on pitchable topics that would appeal to both marketing leaders and the media, BLASTmedia put the ideas on paper – drafting articles on behalf of the CEO and repurposing existing ATOMIZED content that had been previously published on the brand blog. Target media in marketing, advertising and national business were identified, and the content was pitched to fitting editors.


Within the first three months of working with BLASTmedia, ATOMIZED saw coverage in top-tier business and target trade outlets, including Inc., Marketing Land, MarketingProfs and a standalone profile piece on CNBC.

90-Day Results
  • 76.4 million media impressions
  • 23 pieces of coverage
  • 17 additional article, interview, or information requests
  • 6 contributed article placements


“ATOMIZED saves each user an average of 20 hours per month and is cloud-based for collaboration regardless of location.”

Marketing Profs

“Brands will absolutely need to keep their content simple or genuine to better relate to their target audiences.”


“If you’re delivering the results and making an impact on the business or the product, it doesn’t matter how you get there.”