Appirio, a global cloud services company, engaged BLASTmedia as its US agency of record to help raise awareness of Appirio among key audiences, including HR professionals, IT leaders and CIOs, positioning the brand as a thought leader in employee engagement and customer experience.


To help propel the company’s message of the “Virtuous Cycle: happy workers breed happy customers” to core customers of CHROs and CIOS, Appirio created their first in-house report: The Worker Personality Report.

In the past, Appirio partnered with analyst firms to create research reports, but for the Worker Personality Report, the team opted to invest in a SnapApp option, using the platform to complete a customer survey of 650 individuals working in the technology industry. Without participation of a research firm, BLASTmedia was challenged with analyzing survey data to identify compelling stories within the results that spoke to key audiences, and use the report to earn top-tier coverage, positioning Appirio as experts in worker experience.


BLASTmedia looked to present the report and corresponding data in multiple ways, beyond simply writing a press release. BLASTmedia combed the report and identified nuggets of data that would best apply to each target audience, crafting pitches and thought leadership content tailored to the most relevant media. With a press release, full report, byline articles and expert interviews available for media, BLASTmedia had developed several layers of assets to help the media craft their stories.


Within in the first month, BLASTmedia secured coverage for the Worker Personality Report in Fast Company, as well as Business News Daily and ITBestofBreed. Over the next six months, the team continued to generate coverage using the report as customer experience continued to be a relevant news topic. Coverage included features and mentions in HR-focused publications such as Chief Learning Officer; top-tier business publications including The Washington Post; and trade media like CIO Insight, aimed at tech leadership.


Fast Company

“A new survey from cloud consultancy Appirio found that 60% of job seekers said they cared the most about whether the staff at their prospective employer felt appreciated.”

The Washington Post

“…Appirio concluding that employees most appreciate a thank-you for a job well done.”

Indianapolis Business Journal

“A significant share of employees do not feel very engaged at work, according to a recent survey from Appirio.”