SaaS PR Trends: BLASTmedia’s Top 5 Blogs of 2018

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While we’re always excited to secure big hits, key analyst briefings and quality speaking opportunities, as a public relations agency servicing B2B SaaS brands, we know that sharing insights on what we’re seeing in the industry is just as important.

To help share that knowledge, our team writes dozens of blogs each year on topics ranging from the SaaS customer journey to how to use PR to support a marketing content strategy. These blogs not only reflect answers to questions we’re getting from our clients and insights we’ve gleaned from our work with the media, but also some of the biggest trends in SaaS PR.

Here are our most-read blog posts of 2018:

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How PR impacts customer retention

How PR Impacts the Customer Journey: Retention

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Your sales and marketing teams have worked hard: leads were captured, scored and moved diligently through the sales funnel. Account executives hit all the key messages, made their touch points and, after weeks or months of work, closed the sale.

Great. Now what?

It is important to remember that selling doesn’t end after the sale is closed and the account executives have moved on to other leads. Retention is now the name of the game. Read More