Don't make these mistakes next time you announce funding.

3 Common Mistakes SaaS Companies Make When Announcing Funding

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You don’t have to be a SaaS genius to know the importance of funding. For many, funding is the fuel behind scaling a startup, hiring the right people and attracting the right customers and investors — and a lot of them. But often, the rate of support for the success of startups begin to decline after their first round of funding. In fact, according to CB Insights, 67% of startups fail to exit or raise additional funding, 48% of startups make it to a second round, and only 15% raise a fourth round of funding, usually a Series C. Read More

Indicators you should invest in PR

5 Indicators You Should Invest in PR

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Public relations can often fall to the bottom of a company’s to-do list. Businesses need exposure, credibility and awareness and PR is crucial in the process of achieving those. While it is easy to put off PR, it is never too late to start your journey. If you find yourself asking “is it time to invest in PR,” look for these five key moments. These indicators are great signals that your company is primed to start a PR program. Read More


Why You Should Ask Your Sales Team About Shifts in Buyer Habits

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As a marketing leader, you’re likely having multiple conversations with your executive team on an ongoing basis to better align your PR strategy with business objectives, industry trends, customers and long term success. But, your executive team isn’t the only resource that can provide insight into industry trends and customer buying habits. Your sales team can be an added resource to support your PR efforts, too. After all, your sales team is the one talking to customers and prospects day in and day out. Read More