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Are Newswire Services Worth the Spend?

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This isn’t the first time we’ve written a piece on newswire services, and I’m sure it won’t be the last. That’s because, like most things in PR, newswire services continue to adapt along with the changing media landscape. Where issuing a release via BusinessWire, PRNewswire or the like used to be a must, using newswire services to amplify company news is now most certainly optional. Read More

SaaS sales team tools

Overlooked Marketing Tools That Can Be Leveraged By SaaS Sales Teams

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Whether the discussion centers around lead quality, buyer personas or content, there seems to be a never-ending battle between sales and marketing departments to stay aligned — not just in SaaS, but across industries. When it comes to content, the sales team is rarely using the content that the marketing team is creating — in fact, according to data from eMarketer, 90% of content developed for sales is never used in selling. Read More

B2B customer journey

3 Steps to Finding Your Customer Advocate in the B2B Customer Journey

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The customer journey can feel long, especially in the B2B SaaS market. After moving prospects through the first four stages — awareness, consideration, purchase, and retention — you may think the journey is complete. After all, you have a customer using your product and you’re confident in your relationship. What could come next? The final step of the B2B customer journey: advocacy. Read More

SaaS PR Trends: BLASTmedia’s Top 5 Blogs of 2018

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While we’re always excited to secure big hits, key analyst briefings and quality speaking opportunities, as a public relations agency servicing B2B SaaS brands, we know that sharing insights on what we’re seeing in the industry is just as important.

To help share that knowledge, our team writes dozens of blogs each year on topics ranging from the SaaS customer journey to how to use PR to support a marketing content strategy. These blogs not only reflect answers to questions we’re getting from our clients and insights we’ve gleaned from our work with the media, but also some of the biggest trends in SaaS PR.

Here are our most-read blog posts of 2018:

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