Building Customer References

Building Customer References: 5 Steps to Engage Customers

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One of the biggest problems marketing departments have is getting their customers to speak on their behalf. It’s additional work for customers, and they often don’t understand the value it can bring. Some customers aren’t deterred by the additional work, but they don’t want to be named publicly. For many, it can be difficult to get buy-in from executives, especially those in highly-regulated industries.

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5 Places to Promote Media Coverage

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Earned media coverage is exciting. Whether it’s a product review, a bylined article or a feature on your company — it is satisfying to see the finished product go live. Part of the excitement lies in the enormous potential of earned media coverage. For a SaaS brand, PR can help influence your customers, employees, investors and partners.

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things every SaaS thought leader has in common

3 Things Every Impactful Thought Leader Has in Common

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It’s a common assumption that a thought leader can be built from the ground up. And, while the tactical elements of this are true — like contributing more articles to industry magazines or improving the way you’re represented on social media — there are a few … shall we say, soft skills… every successful thought leader needs that can’t be put in place by a PR team.

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Thought Leadership tips

Thought Leadership: Tips to Lay the Foundation of Expertise

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So, you want to be a thought leader. Great! You likely have untapped expertise or industry insights due to your position as a leader within your company. While the media landscape may seem saturated with thought leaders, it’s because people are hungry for information. In our current always-on, information-seeking state your ideas and unique perspective could reach prospects in the right place at the right time.

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