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Notable B2B SaaS Acquisitions in 2021

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B2B SaaS acquisitions are exciting, and the milestone acts as a catalyst for change in any business. For some companies, an acquisition is a way to grow an existing business and maybe even add a SaaS offering. After all, there’s a reason making an acquisition shows momentum in the market. (Publicizing the deal also provides a chance to showcase newly-expanded capabilities and gets you in front of new potential investors, segments and customers.

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generate data for b2b marketing

7 Ways to Generate Data for Use in B2B SaaS Marketing and PR

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Data as a PR tool might sound good in theory, but generating data can require a significant investment of time and money. It can also present challenges in terms of approval and knowledge of data analysis. While these factors are worth considering, the good news is that various data collection and data analysis options are available depending on a company’s goals and resources.

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SaaS PR Agency Insights 2021 Q1

SaaS PR: Agency Insights on What’s Working in 2021

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As a SaaS PR agency, we’re always seeking to understand what PR strategies work when it comes to securing media coverage and driving value for B2B SaaS brands. By comparing different strategies implemented across the agency, we’re able to generate insights most internal and agency teams aren’t privy to — after all, our team works with over 60 B2B SaaS brands!

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B2B SaaS PR Agency Wins Silver B2B Agency of the Year and Accolades From PRSA Hoosier Chapter

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(INDIANAPOLIS – June 3, 2021) – BLASTmedia, the only B2B SaaS PR agency, was awarded the Silver Business to Business (B2B) Agency of the Year presented by 2021 Bulldog PR Awards and was recognized by the 2021 PRSA Hoosier Chapter Pinnacle Awards for the agency’s work in media relations. Recognition by these two groups demonstrates the strength of BLASTmedia’s culture and the work executed on behalf of B2B SaaS companies.

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