Extending the Reach of an eBook: How to Get More Eyes on Your Content

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You did it! You put in a ton of hard work and your company eBook is complete! Yay, you!

But, now what?

Why did you create this fabulous piece of content? To be posted to the company website, tweeted out a few times, then lost into the abyss? Of course not. An eBook is a viable resource that can be used to secure media coverage, as well as a way to build credibility as an expert in your journey towards establishing your organization as a thought leader in an industry.

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Newsworthy Pitches: How to Grab Media Attention

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Media relations can set your company apart from others in your space. It can help you sell your story, products and services. A key step in media relations is crafting story ideas and pitching them to journalists.

Criteria for getting a journalist to be interested in a pitch can vary, but one thing remains constant: the pitch must be newsworthy. Unless whatever you’re hoping to pitch also relates to celebrities or political figures, you are likely going to have to work at being newsworthy. Read More


PR Does Not Stand for Press Release: 3 Aspects of PR that Don’t Require a Press Release

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Most public relations professionals tend to get a blank stare when they tell people what they do on a day-to-day basis. According to the Public Relations Society of America, “Public relations (PR) is a strategic communication process that builds mutually beneficial relationships between organizations and their publics.” Clear as mud now? Thought so. Read More

Maximize media coverage

3 Ways to Maximize Your Media Coverage

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Media coverage takes many forms. It could be feature article secured in national business press, a product review in an IT trade outlet, commentary drafted by your team and included in a local business journal or a variety of other pieces published by a publication outside of your organization.

Regardless of the medium, there’s nothing quite like media coverage and the feeling you get when opening a glossy magazine to see your CEOs commentary or clicking a link to find your brand name surrounded by favorable remarks. But that feeling of satisfaction, and even sometimes pride, doesn’t just fall in your lap—a lot of work goes into securing quality media coverage and that in itself gives brands an incentive to make media coverage live longer than just that first click or page turn. Read More

Why your CEO should share media coverage on social media

Why Your CEO Should Share Media Coverage on Social Media

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Word-of-mouth referrals are the “golden egg” for sales. The marketing equivalent is media coverage. When a trusted journalist writes a positive story about your company or product, she is ultimately giving her stamp of approval for all the world to read.

Yet despite the power positive PR can have on almost every aspect of your business (from marketing to sales, to recruiting, to culture), many CEOs are not using social media to leverage online coverage. And understandably so! Your CEO is busy, and probably finds tweeting of lower priority than, say, raising a round of seed funding. But from a long-term perspective, using your CEO’s social media presence to amplify media endorsements can have a lasting impact.

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