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What Does Agile Marketing Mean for PR?

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The term “agile” likely isn’t new to you, especially if you work at a tech company that relies on agile software development. Agile marketing is, as a HuffPost article defines it, “a measure of the speed at which marketing gets done and a philosophy about ‘how’ marketing gets done.” (For a much more complicated but colorful definition of agile methodology, this clip from HBO’s Silicon Valley, a BLASTmedia favorite, is worth a watch.) Read More


Why PR Works for SaaS

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When you think of PR, your brain might automatically shoot to gift guides and product roundups made popular by consumer brands and publications of the like. But PR has evolved — and so have the industries it can benefit. From Salesforce’s iconic ‘No Software’ campaign building recognition within the industry to 250ok’s industry report generating buzz across prospects, SaaS companies across the globe are beginning to realize where SaaS PR fits into an overall marketing strategy. Read More

Show Off Your Stellar B2B Company with These Awards

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Sure, we get it: your employees are happy, the product is exciting and business is booming. These facts are self-evident, and there is no need to argue that point, right? Actually, there is! Awards aren’t simply an opportunity for your marketing team to pat themselves on the back, winning them has far-reaching effects both in and out of the office. Not only can just the nomination process benefit company pride and employee engagement but winning one can solidify your stake as the leading company in a busy ecosystem. Read More

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