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Utilizing SaaS as a Sales Enablement Tool: 3 Ways Technology Can Improve Sales Team Results

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With B2B organizations increasing buying team size, meaning more involved stakeholders, it can be difficult to foster meaningful sales conversations. Utilizing SaaS sales enablement technologies can help businesses connect with B2B buyers. By incorporating powerful data and AI capabilities, sales tech reduces workflow, improves prospect engagement and content and quantifies ROI.

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BLASTmedia Celebrates 15 Years, Toasts Its Leading Position as the Only PR Agency Dedicated to B2B SaaS

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(INDIANAPOLIS – March 31, 2020) – BLASTmedia, the only PR agency dedicated to B2B SaaS, is celebrating 15 years of promoting technology companies and providing a culture of growth for its employees. Founded in 2005, the agency has cemented itself as a SaaS-industry leader in PR, providing unmatched client service and creating a place for talented communications professionals to grow their careers.

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Why Isn’t My Coverage Showing Up in LinkedIn’s “Mentioned in the News”? And Other Commonly Asked Questions

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Over three years ago, I wrote a blog about LinkedIn’s “Mentioned in the News” feature. Despite the rapid-changing landscape of social media, it’s still one of our most-read blogs. That’s likely because despite the fact that most professionals have seen a “Mentioned in the News” alert either in their inbox or in their newsfeed, very little is known about this feature.

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