Why You Should Consider Looking Outside of Silicon Valley for a B2B Tech PR Firm

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Silicon Valley is America’s innovation posterchild. Under the shade of tech giants like Salesforce and Facebook, startup seedlings sprout at a rate that outpaces other cities. It would be natural to assume that in an area with many B2B tech companies, many B2B tech PR firms would have also taken root. And with such a stellar location, you could also assume the majority of these agencies would have the resources to secure your company consistent coverage on an ongoing basis. Yet only one of these assumptions is true.
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Uncovering Stories: 7 Questions to Ask Your Thought Leaders

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Thought leadership is a great way for organizations to separate themselves from the pack. By publicly directing a conversation on a given topic, thought leaders establish themselves as an expert in their field and a resource for potential customers looking for answers—thereby lifting their business prospects in the process.

But one does not simply become a thought leader overnight. It takes careful consideration to develop ideas, stories, and angles in order to craft a message that will resonate with your target audience. So, how do you generate those ideas? Start by asking these seven questions to create campaigns that will propel your thought leader and your business. Read More


Extending the Reach of an eBook: How to Get More Eyes on Your Content

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You did it! You put in a ton of hard work and your company eBook is complete! Yay, you!

But, now what?

Why did you create this fabulous piece of content? To be posted to the company website, tweeted out a few times, then lost into the abyss? Of course not. An eBook is a viable resource that can be used to secure media coverage, as well as a way to build credibility as an expert in your journey towards establishing your organization as a thought leader in an industry.

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Newsworthy Pitches: How to Grab Media Attention

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Media relations can set your company apart from others in your space. It can help you sell your story, products and services. A key step in media relations is crafting story ideas and pitching them to journalists.

Criteria for getting a journalist to be interested in a pitch can vary, but one thing remains constant: the pitch must be newsworthy. Unless whatever you’re hoping to pitch also relates to celebrities or political figures, you are likely going to have to work at being newsworthy. Read More

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