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8 Writing Tools Every Marketer Should Use

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At BLASTmedia we write… a lot. From client blog posts, ad and video copy and social media content to full company case studies, executive bylines and market reports, writing (and writing well) is a key component for driving impactful results for our clients.

So, staying on our writing game is important. This means we’re continuously researching best practices (including what not to do) and tools for keeping our writing on point. So, when we stumbled across a recent blog post by MarketingProfs’s chief content officer, Ann Handley, on eight top writing tools, we had to share!

For your reading pleasure, here are eight writing tools every marketer should use from one of Forbes’ most influential women in social media herself:

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3 Key Differences Between Product and Content Pitching

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There are literally thousands of posts out there discussing ‘pitching’ and how to craft the best pitch for different media targets – the list of catchy titles goes on and on.

But, when doing some recent training on the differences between content and product pitching, I found myself strapped to find industry articles that clearly depicted the major differences between the two.

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What it webrooming

The Trend of Webrooming and What It Means for Marketing

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Webrooming: a word that sounds and looks entirely made up; although a trend all marketers should recognize and care about.

The trend of webrooming can more accurately be defined as the act of researching for items online and then going to purchase said items in a brick-and-mortar store. Or, the opposite of showrooming – the act of consumers browsing for items while in-store and later purchasing them online.

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5 Key Takeaways from the MarketingProfs Content Marketing Crash Course

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In the last year, content marketing has exploded as a brand awareness strategy. Considering 80% of business decisions makers prefer to get information in a series of articles versus an advertisement, while 61% of consumers are more like likely to buy from a company that delivers custom content, we think it’s safe to say that content marketing is here to stay.

When done correctly, content marketing can be highly effective for brands to stay engaged and top of mind, but when done poorly, a brand can quickly become a cautionary tale of what not to do. To ensure our content marketing approach is on point, I’ve enrolled in a MarketingProfs content marketing crash course and compiled the 5 key takeaways learned thus far.

  1. Understand your audience: This may seem obvious, but when a content marketing strategy fails, there’s a high chance it’s because the target audience is wrong. When developing a content strategy, it’s suggested to think as your readers like dinner guests – you want them to leave satisfied. If you already know your audience, great. If not dedicate your efforts to discovering who your audience is by listening, and paying attention to consumption metrics. If needed, use brief, open-ended surveys to find out the age, occupation and interests that your audience have.
  2. Don’t create just for the sake of creating: Or as I see it… set measurable goals. A brand that sets out to create content for the sake of hoping on a trend, will see little success. Instead, set goals with numbers in mind. One you have goals in place, your brand can work to create a content marketing strategy that will help you reach said goals. Be certain to take the time needed for the creation phase, and please… know your brand’s values and mission ahead of time. If you don’t know your brand’s message, how will your audience?
  3. Reinvent content that’s not working: Pulling in the earlier analogy, stale food is one easy to leave your dinner guests unsatisfied and with a bad taste in their mouth. Applying that to content marketing, stale content will have the same effect on your audience. If a piece of content, or an entire strategy for that matter, isn’t resonating with your targets (i.e. not reaching the goals you set) it’s time to reinvent. MarketingProfs suggests diving into website traffic to pinpoint where your audience is dropping off. From there, carefully evaluate your brand’s content and make changes based on the information you pulled. First, don’t be afraid to change up current material before totally scrapping an idea, and if that’s still not working, then work with your team to create a new strategy with your goals and audience in mind.
  4. Figure out what format and platform works best: Similar to understanding who your audience is, no content marketing strategy will be successful if its on the wrong platform. Once you know your target audience, research what platform they prefer to get information from and what format is best suited to your brand’s needs. Should you focus on a native ad or a sharable video? Is a lengthy LinkedIn post or slideshow best for your campaign? Choosing your format early on is key producing to content that showcases your brand in the right light. There are a number of formats at your disposable, like online video, interactive tools and thought leadership. Once you’ve decided on a format, make sure to select the appropriate platform for delivering your message.
  5. Develop your brand’s voice: Having a clear, authentic voice is vital to any content marketing campaign. The voice of a brand is essentially its personality – and that determines what kind of audience you will attract. If you don’t already know your brand’s voice, there are a couple of things to keep in mind.
    • Voice isn’t a veneer. A brand’s voice cannot be created or imposed – people will know immediately if your voice is not authentic, and as a result you will lose the attention of your target audience.
    • Be specific with your attributes. Is your brand doing something different than anyone else?  Something original? Try using the term ‘groundbreaking’ instead. Be specific with what your brand is saying, and shy away from general words or phrases that make your brand sound like every other one.
    • Build in a range. Human voices have a huge range, and you need your brand’s voice to do the same. Make sure your message isn’t flat and always the same – like a robot – that will also make your audience classify your brand as unauthentic.

Interested in learning how BLASTmedia executes successful content marketing campaigns? Get in touch with Lindsey Groepper to learn how content marketing can help increase awareness of your brand.

Inside BLASTmedia: Friday Highlight Huddle

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BLASTmedia highlights

Think you know everything there is to know about BLASTmedia? Think again! At BLASTmedia we live by the “work hard, play hard” mentality, and love to share our biggest campaign successes with each other. That’s why each Friday we huddle up as a company and share our weekly highlights – personal and professional.

Here’s an inside look into BLASTmedia and one our weekly Friday highlight huddles:

  • SimpliciKey, and its remote control electronic deadbolt, featured in CNET’s CEDIA show floor coverage.
  • Our paid media team started a new Facebook video ad for client adidas just last Monday. In 10 days, the video ad has received 4,645 views and a 10.09% click-through-rate (industry average: 0.05%). The video post has also amassed 265 Likes, 38 Comments, 78 Shares, and 410 clicks to the purchase website – and all for just $0.05 per view (industry average: $0.95).
  • CNBC utilized client StitchLab’s data in “No coal here: Holiday forecast calls for 4% growth.”
  • Technology news site, ReadWrite, included Formstack and its Google Analytics Report in a piece on Big Data, “You Don’t Need a Data Science Unicorn – You Need a Data Science Team.”

Like what you see? So do we! That’s exactly why BLASTmedia dedicates Friday mornings to sharing big wins with the team. If you want even more of an inside look into BLASTmedia’s company culture, or our integrated campaign strategies, send Lindsey Groepper an email.

BLASTmedia Clients Are Soaking Up the Media Coverage

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Summer’s end may be just around the corner, but our clients continue to soak up the sunrays media coverage this season! Take a look at some recent pieces featuring BLASTmedia’s clients:

 Interested in seeing your company or consumer product covered in the news? Get in touch with Lindsey Groepper to learn how BLASTmedia can help