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3 Ways PR Can Help Generate B2B Sales

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While PR isn’t going to be your only — or frankly your most cost-effective — direct lead driver, it can help feed the B2B sales funnel at different points.

PR is a value that shouldn’t be ignored according to Mark Suster, two-time entrepreneur, turned VC.  Mark stated, “If I had $1 dollar left to spend on marketing I would put it to PR. If anybody tells you differently, be suspect. Most people don’t understand the silent benefits [of PR].”
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Leveraging Customer Stories for Customer Acquisition

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Making the trip through the sales funnel as smooth as possible can mean the difference between a prospect and a client. And while there are a million blogs sharing tips on how to go about doing bringing in new customers, one idea may be overlooked – case studies.

As one of the most effective ways to show potential customers the benefit of implementing a service or solution, case studies are created to provide prospects with a digestible sampling of results. Case studies are one of the easiest ways to shed light on a problem a prospect isn’t currently aware of, or one they didn’t know had a solution.

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