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Calling all talent: We’re hiring an account executive

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We are searching for a high-energy and creative marketing professional to join the BLASTfamily! We need extra hands for our work with national public relations and content marketing campaigns. In case you haven’t heard, we specialize in PR and marketing from consumer product launches to B2B content marketing campaigns for our clients like adidas, hhgregg and  Long John Silver’s. And, we hustle harder than any agency out there.

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Marketers’ Guide to the Apple Event and Latest News

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The live Apple event is every PR person’s dream – a quick note to a few select media with little to no detail, and the world is instantly watching. The Cupertino powerhouse announced big pieces of news this week including new iPhones and iPads, an updated Siri and updates to Apple TV.

Now that the smell of anticipatory sweat has cleared from the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium, let’s examine how Apple’s most recent news will affect us marketers, PR pros and our industry at large.

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23 Content Marketing Terms to Know (And love)

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Content marketing has moved from a buzzword to an industry standard in the last two years. With everyone from major brands to startups scrambling to create content that draws in customers, the content marketing game is increasingly more difficult to play.

A content strategy based on compelling written and visual assets that consumers actually want to read and find value in is no small feat. Everyone is an expert in something, and with all these experts, how can brands rise above the noise with their content?

To get you started, we’ve created a glossary of terms, a content-tionary if you will, of the most important phrases in content marketing. Use these when you’re creating your strategy or vetting a new agency. And if you’re doing the latter, make sure to reach out to our president, Lindsey Groepper, to talk about BLAST’s content marketing services.

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Is your brand ready for PR?

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Recently reading an article on Entrepreneur from a fellow PR professional, 4 Things to Consider Before You Get a PR Team, I thought about how impactful PR can be, but how brands have to be ready for the undertaking. As my colleague Brittany Wright pointed out in our recent post Why Media Coverage Doesn’t Equal Sales, PR isn’t a magic bean that instantly grows your business; it needs the support of an integrated marketing strategy to deliver results.

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PR can learn from marketing’s shiny unicorn: Mass personalization

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Mass personalization is a shiny unicorn of a buzzword for marketers – especially those of us who work in public relations. Since the dawn of PR, we’ve been attempting mass personalization, taking a message we want the world to see and tailoring it to different audiences, media outlets and reporters. But with immense updates in technology, increased focus on content marketing and heightened consumer focus on personalization, PR pros should be paying attention to other industries who are doing personalization right.

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BLASTmedia Employee Spotlight: Brittani Hensel

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Brittani Hensel

As if the five members of the BLAST team who are currently engaged to be married isn’t enough, we went ahead and added another.  BLASTmedia would like to formally introduce the newly-engaged member of our PR team, Brittani Hensel. Learn more about Ms. Brit here:

  • Hometown: Marion, IN
  • College: Indiana University
  • Favorite Childhood Memory: When I was a girl and all of my cousins were still small, every holiday we’d get together for big holiday celebrations. There would be well over 20 people in my grandmother’s house and we’d exchange gifts, have a big meal and all the cousins would play together. To this day, those were my favorite holidays. We don’t do them anymore because we’re so spread out and most of us have in-laws and larger families to celebrate with, but I miss them dearly.
  • Favorite Meal: Someone once asked me what I would subsist on if I could only choose three foods for the rest of my life. My three choices are and always will be sushi, cheese and cheesecake. I can’t live without them. (But maybe not together.)
  • First Job: Book Layout Designer – I took Microsoft Word documents and created interiors for books. It’s actually quite an art!
  • Favorite Indianapolis Neighborhood: Downtown is probably my favorite. Although I haven’t done much exploring of the perimeter, I’ve always loved the city feel. I live in the Greenwood area though, and I love it there.
  • Music Picks: It’s pretty eclectic! I have everything from Skrillex to Led Zeppelin to my personal favorite, Incubus. Music is one of my most favorite things, so I’m really big on exploring new artists and genres. I’m a firm believer that music is what your feelings sound like, so I find it just another way to express myself!
  • Most Embarrassing Moment: I think the most embarrassing moments (in my adult life) include meeting people that I’ve met before, and then having that person point out that we’ve met on more than one occasion. One of my downfalls is faces and names, so it’s likely I’ll remember your face but completely botch your name.
  • Favorite Blog: I’m a huge sucker for the What Should We Call Me Tumblr blog and Gawker. Those are my go-to blogs if I’m looking for a good laugh or an interesting take on news.
  • Hobbies: I play the guitar and I love to read. If I ever have any free time at all, my nose is probably in a book or in front of my Kindle.

Be sure to check out the new BLASTmedia website if you are interested in learning more about how our PR, social media, paid media, and creative teams can help grow your business!

Tips for a successful holiday PR campaign

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If you work in consumer public relations, Black Friday is not just a shopping holiday or a chance to get a Furby on sale–it’s a huge opportunity for our clients and a big day for sales and exposure. Maximizing our clients’ online footprints through media coverage and web traffic to ultimately drive sales and awareness is our year-round goal, but our efforts are never more important or evident during the holiday shopping season.

In order to help clients make the most of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, preparation begins months in advance, laying the groundwork with research, goal setting, and planning. We’ve put together tips for helping clients achieve a successful Black Friday communication campaign.

Start early. Brands clamor for exposure around Black Friday and Cyber Monday, so getting your deals squared away early will help you lead the pack. Nail down any offerings with details and embargo times as early as possible, preferably near the beginning of November. Once you have all the details, you can start outreach to press under embargo, ensuring that you’ll make those early holiday shopping deals roundups.

Tailor outreach. Not all tech and products writers will cover a Black Friday deal, so speak with your best contacts at key outlets to glean which writers are handling holiday deals coverage. Once you find the right contacts, be as helpful as possible by providing writers with the information that best suits them. For example, if you’re pitching an “appcessory” product that only works with iOS devices, pitch it to Apple bloggers that are covering deals. Be sure to include pertinent details in outreach such as store openings, promo codes, mail-in rebates, and duration of promotions.

Offer sources. In retail and consumer electronics, holiday shopping season is a great time to be seen as a thought leader in your industry. PR teams should reach out to fitting trade magazines and national publications with retail and CE industry writers, offering clients as experts in their fields, telling clients’ stories on innovations in holiday shopping and sales. Thought leadership in these publications helps drive future retail partnerships, credibility in the marketplace, and company awareness in the fourth quarter, a critical time for retailers and consumer brands.

Integrate efforts. Coordinating the efforts of clients’ internal marketing teams, paid media, social media, and media relations will ensure fully integrated and cohesive campaigns that point back to overall marketing goals. The imagery and messaging in a Facebook ad should compliment blog copy, which coordinates with press messaging. Make sure all marketing touch points are pointing back to an overall goal such as raising awareness, driving traffic, or leveraging partnerships.

Fighting the crowds in malls on Black Friday is nothing compared to fighting for media exposure surrounding holiday shopping deals, so keep these tips in mind when planning your strategy. If you’re looking for an experienced agency to help integrate your media relations, paid media, and social media efforts, contact BLASTmedia’s Lindsey Groepper to set up a chat.