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Uncovering Stories: 7 Questions to Ask Your Thought Leaders

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Thought leadership is a great way for organizations to separate themselves from the pack. By publicly directing a conversation on a given topic, thought leaders establish themselves as an expert in their field and a resource for potential customers looking for answers—thereby lifting their business prospects in the process.

But one does not simply become a thought leader overnight. It takes careful consideration to develop ideas, stories, and angles in order to craft a message that will resonate with your target audience. So, how do you generate those ideas? Start by asking these seven questions to create campaigns that will propel your thought leader and your business. Read More

Top of the Funnel: Why PR Should Matter to Your Business

Top of the Funnel: Why PR Should Matter to Your Business

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As every business knows, it’s tough to make a sale if a customer never enters the proverbial sales funnel in the first place. This simple fact makes PR is worth its weight in gold for generating brand awareness and interest. While PR can’t guarantee sales, it does start interested parties down the path toward becoming customers. PR is the top level of the sales funnel, bringing potential customers closer to your brand by creating opportunities to become informed and invested.

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