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YouTube Videos: Clients on Point with the Next Big Social Media Trend

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Whether it’s creating video content or optimizing video for YouTube, at BLASTmedia, we love using video to help tell our clients’ stories. As it turns out, others are also starting to realize the power of video as a digital marketing tool. According to a recent joint survey by the Content Marketing Institute and Marketing Profs, 2012 Content Marketing Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends, the rate of adoption for video-sharing site YouTube and overall usage of online video in marketing have both increased substantially over the past year (56% and 52% respectively). Here at BLASTmedia, our clients are right on point with this trend.

Here’s a sampling of videos recently created and promoted by BLASTmedia. (Kudos to Blake Fife for the excellent video motion design work!)

Act-On Software

B2B social media and PR client, Act-On Software’s latest video provides a whimsical “How to” for incrementally deploying marketing automation.


Consumer client, SleepTracker, outlines some of the features of their unique portable sleep monitor in their newest video, including its ability to wake you up at the optimum time so that you start your morning feeling energized and refreshed!

Ready to make YouTube and great video part of your content marketing or social media strategy? Contact Mendy Werne to learn more about what we can do for you!

Inbound Marketing Webinar: Julie Perry Shares 7 Social Media Secrets That Make Good Direct Marketing Campaigns Great

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Social Media Expert
We don’t have to tell you that when it comes to marketing, social media adds something special (after all, you’ve probably heard it from us before). However, with so many different social media channels, creating a strategy that enhances your brand’s image can be somewhat overwhelming.

So what’s the secret? Can social media really drive traffic to your website, create brand evangelists and ultimately increase sales? (A hint for all you naysayers: the answer is “YES.”)

As a the featured presenter for Target Marketing‘s December 1st webinar titled 7 Social Media Secrets That Make Good Direct Marketing Great, our very own VP of Social Media, Julie Perry, will reveal how marketers can use inbound marketing tactics such as SEO, social media, and content marketing to put their outbound direct marketing campaigns over the top.

In her presentation, Julie will discuss how to integrate inbound and outbound direct marketing tactics to:

• Turn direct mail and email blasts into an online experience that customers (and potential customers) will love
• Employ SEO tricks that allow your message to come up first in search
• Optimize press releases to be found via search and used for content marketing
• See results from advertisements on social media sites like Facebook and YouTube
• Maximize your next tradeshow appearance by harnessing the power of Twitter
• Create online video that drives targeted traffic back to your website

Itching to hear Julie’s social media secrets? Hurry! There’s still time to register for this informative webinar on Thursday, December 1st at 2PM EST, presented by Target Marketing and sponsored by marketing automation giant Act-On Software.

Twitter Terrorism, Celebrity Death Hoaxes and You

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Social media is an excellent source for up-to-the-minute information and can provide a way for those rebelling against oppressive governments to communicate with the outside world. However, the power of social media can also be used for less pure motives, and mistakes made through social media can have both rapid and lasting repercussions.

Twitter Terrorists

On August 25, posts about kidnappings, bomb threats and gunshots at an elementary school in Veracruz, Mexico spread rapidly on Twitter and Facebook. As it turns out, there was no cause for alarm, but that didn’t stop concerned parents and other community members in the Mexican port city from panicking.

The tweets created such widespread panic that the state government has declared these actions to be acts of terrorism. This serious charge could put the suspects, a private school teacher and a radio presenter, in prison for up to 30 years!

This isn’t the first occasion of false information spreading across social media sites. According to the Guardian, the charges facing those accused of spreading this false information are the most serious ever for inciting chaos or violence through Twitter.

The Ease of Spreading False Information

Sharing false information on Twitter is as easy as typing and making it look creditable is almost just as simple.

Need an example? Avril Lavigne, Eminem, Adam Sandler, Aretha Franklin, Morgan Freeman, Aaron Carter and Bobby Brown are among the list of celebrity death hoaxes started on Twitter in 2011 alone.

Sure, “Avril Lavigne dies in a snowboard accident” could cause concern, but most people aren’t seen as a creditable source when it comes to celebrity gossip nor does a tweet like this typically insight panic. However, a tweet like this still spreads across Twitter as truth.

Now imagine someone tweeting about a matter of public safety, such as “The Empire State Building is on fire” and you have a tweet that could create real panic. Pair that with a well-known network news handle like @CNN to create: “Breaking News: @CNN reports that the Empire State Building is on fire” or worse “RT @CNN: The Empire State Building is on fire” and you have a seemingly creditable report ready to create widespread chaos.

Dangerous Tweets

Sometimes spreading a rumor is just as dangerous as creating it. According to some reports, those accused of spreading false information in Veracruz, Mexico, claim that they only repeated what they had heard online elsewhere. However, those individuals are still looking at a prison sentence.

All that being said, the power of social media shouldn’t deter you from using it, after all there is a lot to be gained from engaging in conversations on Twitter and other social networks.

Instead, before sending your next tweet, take a moment to think about what you’re sharing. There are a number of lessons to be learned from the events in Mexico and these celebrity death hoaxes: one being, always check your sources. If a tweet seems extreme, consider checking out the original source before sharing it. Just as you shouldn’t believe everything you hear, you can’t always believe everything you read.

Looking to harness the power of social media for the good of your company? Contact us to find out how we can make social media work for you!