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Public Relations vs. Media Relations: Understanding the Difference

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The difference between public relations and media relations can be confusing. They sound similar and even PR pros sometimes use them interchangeably. In fact, as more channels of communication develop, the lines between the two are seemingly more blurred than ever. However, there are specific aspects that separate these communication terms and it’s important to understand the vernacular before selecting a PR agency or embarking on a “PR campaign.”

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Maximize media coverage

3 Ways to Maximize Your Media Coverage

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Media coverage takes many forms. It could be feature article secured in national business press, a product review in an IT trade outlet, commentary drafted by your team and included in a local business journal or a variety of other pieces published by a publication outside of your organization.

Regardless of the medium, there’s nothing quite like media coverage and the feeling you get when opening a glossy magazine to see your CEOs commentary or clicking a link to find your brand name surrounded by favorable remarks. But that feeling of satisfaction, and even sometimes pride, doesn’t just fall in your lap—a lot of work goes into securing quality media coverage and that in itself gives brands an incentive to make media coverage live longer than just that first click or page turn. Read More

BLASTmedia Begins 2017 with A Swell of New B2B Clients

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(INDIANAPOLIS— January 19, 2017) — BLASTmedia, a national B2B public relations agency, continues to strengthen its B2B tech roster of clients with the addition of four new companies. Spanning a variety of verticals, including enterprise security, SaaS and market research technology, the agency was tapped by CloudPassage, Fizziology, Scout RFP and Zudy to lead media relations efforts in the new year.

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