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Allyson Johnson

Building Customer References

Building Customer References: 5 Steps to Engage Customers

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One of the biggest problems marketing departments have is getting their customers to speak on their behalf. It’s additional work for customers, and they often don’t understand the value it can bring. Some customers aren’t deterred by the additional work, but they don’t want to be named publicly. For many, it can be difficult to get buy-in from executives, especially those in highly-regulated industries.

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When to Pause PR Efforts

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It seems to be a common thought that certain situations warrant “turning off” public relations efforts, but I’m here to tell you: there’s never a time when you should pause your PR strategy. Should your PR strategy change or pivot? Sure. But, it should never just stop.

Marketing teams give lots of reasons when talking about taking a break from PR. Here are three of the most common — and how you can actually use these situations to benefit a PR strategy.

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Media Fragmentation

Media Fragmentation: How to Earn Brand Credibility

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Media fragmentation has pros and cons, especially for those looking to see their business in the news. For consumers, the trend of media fragmentation means increasing choice between and consumption of a range of media — including online, mobile, television, radio, print and more. For marketing and sales professionals, media fragmentation can create increased difficulty in reaching target audiences. Gone are the days of relying on the daily newspaper to know what’s going on in the world. Today’s consumers can find out just about anything with a few clicks on a  smartphone. But, that doesn’t mean that newspapers, television, and radio stations are obsolete. Read More

How to Secure Local News Coverage

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Securing local news coverage or other broadcast media coverage is tough. TV is a sought-after media medium and producers are extremely selective. However, if secured, TV coverage presents several benefits, including reaching large audiences and specific demographics that can sometimes otherwise be hard to reach. Plus, many company leaders like the exposure they receive as a result of television coverage. Read More