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The Future of BPM is a Complete Platform

BPM platform

The increasing emphasis on implementing new technology into the workplace isn’t necessarily making work any easier. While companies initially looked to business process management (BPM) software to streamline workflows, the industry is growing — taking a holistic approach to work management. In other words, the future of BPM doesn’t lie in point SaaS solutions, but complete platforms.

Increasing organizational productivity is key to remaining competitive. Today, every organization leverages some form of workplace technology, from project management platforms like Basecamp and Asana to team collaboration tools like Slack and Flowdock. The goal is often to help employees work more efficiently. Yet, productivity is lost with disparate tools. For BPM software to hold the ability to optimize workflows and improve productivity, these tools must be able to handle more than just process management.

Thought leaders explore the future of workplace technology

As new workplace software continues to emerge, there is a growing discussion in the world of technology surrounding the need for solutions that improve employee productivity. A number of our B2B SaaS clients are experts in the space and recently used media coverage shed light on the shifting paradigm of workplace tools:

  • Kissflow CEO shares his thoughts on the need for a digital workplace platform with CMSWire.
  • Ontario Systems offers tactics to improve productivity in the revenue cycle management process for Healthcare Business & Technology.
  • The CEO of Formstack breaks down how to successfully cultivate a remote work culture for HR Technologist.
  • Director of product management at Ontario Systems highlights how data insights make healthcare agents more productive in a My Tech Decisions piece.
  • Kissflow discusses the golden opportunity for work management with IT Toolbox readers.

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