Creating Momentum for Your Business: How Do I Get Media Coverage In…?

By September 27, 2017 Industry Perspective

Admit it — you have that wish list of outlets that you’d love to see your business or thought leaders’ insights featured in, whether it’s in your head or penned on paper. Unfortunately, you’ll never get to tweet out that dream feature or send your prospects a thought leadership article from any of those outlets if your team is using a one-size-fits-all approach to media relations. No matter the outlet you have your sights set on, personalization matters.

Want to know how to get media coverage that creates meaningful momentum for your business? Here are some tried and true tips for aligning your team’s media relations efforts with the outlets you’re going after:

How do I get coverage in an industry trade outlet?

Whether you focus on CRM, web development or procurement, trade coverage is an important part of maintaining your industry presence and establishing yourself as a leader in the space. And fortunately for you, these are the outlets that will likely run with an article about a new product feature, integration or other company-focused announcement. As you’re looking at your news pipeline, identify how these announcements affect your industry, both immediately and down the road, to tie them back to other industry trends. Did you gain funding from a notable investor in the space? Are you partnering with a big-name player? Because these industry trade outlets’ teams are immersed in those names or trends on a day-to-day basis, they’re going to care how you’re changing the landscape and fitting into the industry as a whole.

How do I get coverage in a national business or tech outlet?

National outlets can be a tough sell — we get it. The editors, writers and contributors at these outlets are bombarded with hundreds, or even thousands, of pitches each day — all with the hope of landing their name in a national news piece, but most totally missing the personalization mark. To make sure you’re sharing relevant information each time you touch base with a journalist at a national outlet, be selective with what you send their way — for example, these big guys probably aren’t going to latch onto your minor product update unless it has larger overall business impact. Another great way to gain the attention of national media is by inserting your experts into the conversation by sharing insights around a broader trending topic.

How do I get coverage in a local outlet?

Much like industry trade outlets, every piece of news that reaches your local media should have a tie back to that specific business or economic landscape — whether that be job growth, an influx of VC money in your city or other local impact. Local outlets want to know how your news affects businesses and individuals in your area, so any time you can point to how you’re influencing momentum or providing economic impact for your city, the more interest you’ll drive. Once you’ve established yourself as a big local player through these impacts, your local outlets are much more likely to cover day-to-day news like product updates and partnerships that don’t have as close of a local tie outside of building your business (because they’ll already know how your business impacts the community as a whole).

In addition to crafting your message with the various outlets’ interests in mind, you also need to have the individual editors and reporters’ interests in mind. With every touchpoint, make sure you’re doing your research on the media contact’s beat and personal interests so you’re speaking to the topics that matter to them. Media relations is all about building relationships, and your team must take initiative when it comes to doing your research to craft a message that will resonate with your target media and build that trust.

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