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PR, specifically media relations, is not a golden ticket for overnight sales or a faucet of leads that’s instantly turned on the day a company hires an agency, but it does serve an integral role in the overall sales funnel. PR impacts the top of the funnel most, in the awareness and interest phases, and that is where its effectiveness should be measured. In this week’s episode of The Digital Download, three of BLASTmedia’s PR experts discuss what PR can and cannot do for sales.


About Blake Fife

Blake is BLASTmedia's creative director where he leads the team's graphic design, video, motion graphic and animation projects. With experience serving clients in a variety of verticals, including healthcare technology, IoT and commercial real estate, Blake's work has been featured on The Smoking Jacket, CNN and Wired. One thing you won't find him watching? Harry Potter. Blake has never watched or read the Harry Potter series.

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