Leveraging Customer Stories for Customer Acquisition

By January 20, 2015 July 21st, 2015 Client Successes

Making the trip through the sales funnel as smooth as possible can mean the difference between a prospect and a client. And while there are a million blogs sharing tips on how to go about doing bringing in new customers, one idea may be overlooked – case studies.

As one of the most effective ways to show potential customers the benefit of implementing a service or solution, case studies are created to provide prospects with a digestible sampling of results. Case studies are one of the easiest ways to shed light on a problem a prospect isn’t currently aware of, or one they didn’t know had a solution.

In order to leverage a customer story as marketing collateral you first must check off these few items to ensure you have a compelling use case:

What was the problem the customer faced and what were key components needed for the solution?

  • Real-life example: Our client, Adaptive Computing, had a goal of becoming more of an industry leader in the big data and super-computing space. In order to help Adaptive achieve its goal, BLASTmedia recommended using blog content to pitch to PR contacts and share via social media channels. BLASTmedia was able to help Adaptive identify the problem and provide a variety of components (in this case, building a team of bloggers, editing the content, pitching it to the media and sharing it socially) to solve the problem.

How many other providers did they demo before settling and what set your solution apart from the rest?

  • Take-away tip: It’s no secret BLASTmedia is located in Indiana, the cross roads of America – riddled with corn fields and basketball players. However, we’ve worked with clients across the country and are able to compete on every level (as noted by Nikki Martin, Vice President of G-Unit Records and Entertainment). G-Unit Entertainment has worked with other PR and digital advertising companies, yet always found its way to BLASTmedia. This isn’t about tooting our own horn – find out who your competition is and what sets you apart. Once you’ve nailed that down, you’ve identified a key potion of the case study.

Is there data to share that will help others see the value in your service or solution?

  • Good data-mining questions: How much time did you save after implementing the solution? How much money was saved? Did revenue grow? Was it easy to implement and use across departments? Did you see a return on investment?

Once you’ve collected the meat of the case study and wrapped it in a nice bow, put the content on your site for others to see. You should also gate the content in order to target warm leads – you know if someone is downloading your case study, they’ve likely experienced the same or similar problems. All you need to do is follow up and see how you can help them.

For more examples of customer stories that may help get your creative juices flowing, visit: http://www.blastmedia.com/portfolio/


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