Three Advantages of Facebook Paid Media This Holiday Season

By December 16, 2013 July 29th, 2016 Industry Perspective

With the holiday season in full swing, it comes as no surprise that there are a plethora of pre- (and even post) holiday sales and promotions. Many of our BLASTmedia clients have holiday specials that they would like to leverage through the use of some paid advertising efforts. While this area has been untested water for some with the traditional advertising options available, it is an easy way for companies to maximize their exposure across social channels.


Whether you are trying to disperse promo codes through cyber space or simply drive additional traffic to your website for sales, here are three advantages to using Facebook paid media for your holiday promotions.

  • Direct Links. The beauty of setting up your own ad is that you can embed links to drop users on customized landing pages or a page that complements your holiday promotion. Utilizing a strong call-to-action in your ad copy paired with a link that drops users where they can easily access the sale or promo code allows companies to see greater success and amplification of their holiday promotion efforts.
  • Increase Social Presence. Facebook’s advertising platform allows advertisers to eliminate right hand ads if so desired. With ads populating in your newsfeed along with other status updates it allows companies to easily develop their social presence and promote their sales through their customized holiday messaging without bombarding users. Users can choose to interact with the ad through ‘Likes,’ clicks, or going to the company page for more information.
  • Easy Way To Reach Your Target Audience. Facebook offers very broad and granular targeting. This platform is the perfect way to reach audiences with very specific or general messaging. It gives advertisers and companies the flexibility to reach as many audiences as they would like to cater their holiday messaging to.

At a loss of how to reach your company’s target audience this holiday season with your promotion? Take heed these three advantages to using Facebook advertising and consider doing something outside the traditional advertising box. For more information on how BLASTmedia can assist in these efforts, contact Lindsey Groepper.


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