Spring Essentials: A PR Pro’s Communication Closet

By April 16, 2013 July 29th, 2016 Industry Perspective

PR pro closet
With the end of April quickly approaching, it is time to finish that often dreadful, yet wonderful task of “spring cleaning.”  When spring
approaches, we head straight for our closets—storing away bulky sweaters and closed-toed shoes, making room for the newest spring fashion trends.

While I reorganized my outfits, I started to realize how my clothes represented what I would like to refer to as my communication closet. As with staple accessories or wardrobe splurges, every PR professional has a few pieces that are essential to their arsenal of communication strategies.

Here are five fundamentals every communicator’s closet can’t be without this spring:

The white tee: Media Relations

A true basic staple, a white t-shirt is much like an ongoing media relations campaign. Communication with your long-term contacts and developing new relationships is most effective in a friendly, comfortable, polished manner. Working with media is about building relationships–and what better to build your contacts than with a real, down-to-earth attitude?


The favorite jersey: Brand Management

From college to professional sports, we all have our favorite teams. To those in agency PR, we can equate our loyal fandom to our clients. We manage brands on behalf of our clients, constantly switching our ever-changing jerseys. With the constant juggling of clients on a daily basis, we are so entrenched in each brand that when that team’s (or in this case, brand’s) jersey is on, we are all in.


The essential tennis shoe: Community Outreach

What would we do without our sneaks? In PR, the comfortable soles provide us with the ability to do the legwork in order to make moves for each of our clients.  Whether it be reaching out to the community and making a difference, or spreading the word about a product to consumers, community relations is vital to our networking success. Tennis shoes are also a literal asset at tradeshows (Am I right?).


The statement necklace: Social Media

The icing on any outfit – an eye-catching accessory – is the conversation starter.  Much like social media, a statement necklace prompts people to interact and join in the dialogue. This statement necklace reminds us that it is important not just to promote a brand, but also put information out there that people will share and appreciate.


The Chanel handbag: Paid Media

You’ve worked hard, now you deserve the right to invest in your communication wardrobe. This handbag hasn’t left your side for years, because you are fully aware of its worth, and paid media runs along the same lines.  Although, YouTube and Facebook ads are not free, advertising through various mediums combined with successful PR and social strategies can make a world of difference in your overall marketing success.


As in fashion, a comprehensive strategy will look best for your brand. Media relations, paid media, and social media are all integral parts of a brand strategy, and BLASTmedia knows the latest trends. If you are interested in more information about BLASTmedia’s communication offerings, and what we have to offer you as a client, please contact Lindsey Groepper.

Are there any other pieces stored in your communication wardrobe?

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