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Get on the Vine: 6 Ways Your Brand Can Make Vine Videos Now

By February 22, 2013July 29th, 2016Industry Perspective

Ways Your Brand Can Make Vine Videos

You might have seen BLASTmedia try out Twitter’s new Vine app earlier this month. Now that people are starting to learn what Vine is and how to make these highly shareable six-second videos, the questions on everyone’s minds are: “Should brands use Vine in their marketing strategies?” and “How can we make a Vine that our fans will enjoy and share with their friends and followers?”

Our answer to the first question: Yes! Brands should absolutely be capitalizing on this visual social network. Videos have never been easier to create than Vine videos. There’s no editing involved, and it’s an ideal way to showcase your brand’s product or service in action. Your audience will appreciate that it doesn’t require a large time commitment from viewers in your audience. If a picture’s worth 1,000 words, a video is worth 10,000.

As for the second question, we’ve rounded up some of the best tips on how brands should use Vine. Get your camera ready!

6 Strategies for the Best Vine Videos

If you’re representing a brand, don’t wait to start implementing Vine into your social media strategies. Jump in and get started with these six techniques.

Use Vine to Show Your Product or Service in Action  

Vine is great for quick “how-to” videos, such as demonstrating simple ways to use your products. Baltimore Print Studios used Vine to quickly demonstrate their screen printing process. It’s a quick and colorful video that shows the handcraftsmanship going into every printed item from the studio, and it also shows off a funky and eye-catching print.

Flaunt Your Sense of Humor

Vine is also a quick and easy way to display your brand’s personality and quirkiness. Social media team member Chrissy Astbury created a Vine for client Pelican Products to do just that. Pelican used their first Vine post to demonstrate that their Pelican Pro Gear backpacks are perfect for eating keeping your laptops safe!

Promote User-Generated Content

Invite your fans to create Vines and share them with you (Twitter is our recommended platform for doing this). You can then retweet their Vines to inspire other fans to do the same, and highlight the fan love that your brand’s products inspire.

Want more Vines from fans? Host contests to drive more traffic to your Vine videos and Twitter profiles. Give away products, samples, or discounts as prizes for the best Vines. Chances are you’ll get a lot of new fan-generated content that you can share anywhere (such as on your blog).

But fans aren’t the only users who can help generate content. Also encourage your employees to start creating appropriate Vines that highlight how they use your products or services and why they’re useful. The more interaction you have with your Vine fans, the more content you’ll get.

Thank Your Customers

Make your customers feel appreciated! Create a Vine showcasing photos, tweets, or Facebook posts that fans have sent you. Or perhaps you have other Easter eggs or treats you can distribute to them via Vine: a sneak peek at a new product or a coupon code that is only viewable within your Vine videos. Sending a promo code through Vine would be a killer way to measure how many of your fans are actually watching your Vine posts.

Go Behind-the-Scenes

Give your audience an exclusive look into your company’s office: record what you’re working on now, meet the team, or show them upcoming projects. If you’re having an event soon, show your fans what they can expect to see. Sharing what they’re working on or even why they love working for your company can help create buzz for your brand and products. A quick six-second Vine video inside a fan’s favorite brand can inspire deeper brand loyalty and make them feel even more committed to supporting your brand in the future. After all, they’ve seen the real people behind the tweets, and now they feel like part of the team.

Noodle Cake Games used this Vine to show off a brand new character for one of their games. This created interest in the new character, the game, and in the company itself.

Create Shorter Ads on Vine

You may already have video ads running on YouTube, but a Vine video can serve as a shorter ad that retains your call to action and message. A quick Vine ad has much more potential to be shared on Twitter than a 30-second YouTube ad, which works better on that platform.

Create quick, looping advertisements that catch your audience’s attention. Advertise a specific product, promote a launch, or work on building your brand image. Tweet your Vine video ad so that fans who may not have seen your YouTube ads yet can still get excited about your brand and products.

Share Your Brand’s Breaking News

Twitter has already been established as a source for finding breaking news. Creating and sharing Vines about events in your industry city can accomplish a few key goals: build your reputation as a company who is knowledgeable about your industry or cares about the community, broaden your fan base, and even relate your products to current events.

5 Useful Tips for Any Vine Videos You Create

Now that you know a few types of content you can create using this platform, keep these tips in mind as you create any type of Vine video.

Decide what you want your message to be. What are you trying to say with your Vine? Do you want your audience to buy a new product? Are you thanking your fans for their support?

Simplify it. You only have 6 seconds to get your message across. Break it down to be as simple as possible.

Brainstorm how to display your message visually and concisely. Do you want to include sound? Music or voices? If no sound, will you use any text, or visuals only?

Film until you get it right. These videos don’t take much time or effort to create, so if you don’t get it right the first time you film it, just try again! It’s worth it to create a clear message to your audience.

End with a call to action: send your fans to your website, blog, or social media profiles for more content.

No matter what kind of product or service you’re offering, there’s most likely potential for a Vine that would energize your social media fan base. Just remember: Vine videos need to be current, be creative, and feature a hyper-focused message. Give these strategies and tips a try when creating your own Vines to share with your audience.

Does Vine sound like something your brand could benefit from? Contact BLASTmedia to learn how our social media team can help you handle all of your social media strategy and execution!


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