Video Remarketing: 4 Ways to Harness the Power

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Have you ever visited a website and then felt like you saw that company’s ads everywhere?

That, my friends, is remarketing.

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Whereas traditional remarketing ads are banners on websites, YouTube now offers the option to use videos in remarketing ads. Unlike Facebook Ads, which users have learned to block out, or Google Display Network ads that build brand awareness, but don’t entice people to click over to a site—video ads don’t get ignored. When made correctly (knowing viewers are being interrupted and therefore providing a clear call to action), the response is fascinating.

Here are four ways BLASTmedia harnesses the power of video remarketing:

1. Introduce other product lines to new audiences after a product launch.

When launching a new product, the goal is to increase your brand’s reach. By tracking viewers or visitors during a product launch, you can remarket other products to them after the launch. If they like your new product, it’s likely they’ll like other products in your line, too—so make them aware of other products you offer.

YoUTube remarketing examples Phosphor Watches

Take our client Phosphor Watches, for example. They recently launched a touch screen watch on KickStarter with an accompanying YouTube video and AdWords campaign. We built a list of the viewers who saw the video on YouTube and—after the campaign was completed—we remarketed to those same viewers with other watches in Phosphor’s line. Even though these watches had been available for a while, now they are being seen by a whole new audience; an audience we know has been exposed to Phosphor in the past. This furthered brand awareness and the idea that Phosphor is an innovative watch company. (Indeed, they are!)

2. Raise brand awareness with viewers who know your endorser.

If your company has a celebrity or character endorser, you can use that icon to extend brand awareness. Even though our client, SMS Audio, is produced and endorsed by 50 Cent, they want to establish themselves as a specific brand (SMS Audio), not just “50 Cent’s Headphones.”

YoUTube remarketing examples

To help with that, we advertised to music video viewers, using a commercial in which 50 Cent wore SMS Audio headphones and described how the headphones were right for anyone. We then used remarketing to show the full line of headphones to those same viewers, but this time used clear SMS Audio branding. This led viewers to associate the two, therefore recognizing “50 Cent’s Headphones” as “SMS Audio headphones.”

3. Build a list of already interested leads from your website.

Site remarketing allows companies to target site visitors of a specific web page with videos that are tailored to the information on that page. This works particularly well for retail businesses. Retailers can target people who have viewed a specific product page, or even placed (and abandoned) an item in a shopping cart. Remarketing a particular pair of jeans back to the person who abandoned the cart with them in it is powerful stuff! It screams “Hey remember those jeans you almost bought? – We still have them… Come get them now!”

YouTube remarketing examples

This also works for B2B companies. One example is Wasp Barcode, for whom we use site visitation remarketing to target viewers with specific product types. If someone visits the mobile computer page of the site, the next video ad they see on YouTube will be a mobile computer ad.

4. Individualize your company’s products from your competitors.

When you sell something that 500 other companies are already selling, it is easy to get lost in the clutter. A unique selling proposition will help—but only if it’s heard. So how does a company make sure they stand out? The answer is…you guessed it: remarketing.

Rokform Remarketing Example

Rokform sells a durable metal iPhone case. They stand out from the rest because these magnetic cases are made right here in America, from American metal—and are completely customizable. To promote their individuality, we created a remarketing campaign around the ability to customize the look of your iPhone case. After a viewer sees an advertisement about how durable or reliable these cases are, we add them to a remarketing list that will show them ads focused on the customization Rokform offers.

This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to remarketing. Including YouTube into your remarketing strategy is a must. Online videos is a powerful medium, and being able to target the exact viewers, who in some way or another already know about your product, is huge. There is a reason big corporations are pouring more money into remarketing. It converts. It brings top-of-mind awareness to your brand. Those ads seem to follow you around, because they are are based on you as an individual consumer. That is the power of remarketing—and THAT is the reason it works so well.

Want to add remarketing to your YouTube strategy? Contact Julie Perry to find out how the BLASTmedia team can put a plan into action!


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