YouTube Ads Go Mobile – What it Means for You

By August 22, 2012 July 29th, 2016 Industry Perspective

Do you hear that? It’s cheers rising from the back corner of the BLASTmedia offices—the corner in which the video team resides. Why are they cheering, you ask?

They’re cheering because today YouTube launched their TrueView in-stream video ads on mobile devices.

Why does this excite our team so?

This launch gives us even more opportunity to precisely target our clients’ video ads. For several of our clients, the majority of video views come via mobile devices. Until now, that was a large portion of people that weren’t being exposed to ads. Plus, since this allows advertisers to only pay for ads that are played in full, our clients will only have to pay for actual engaged viewers (that is, users who chose, on their own accord, to watch the entire ad).

This also means that we’ll now be able to create mobile-only ad campaigns. Which makes sense, because it’s unlikely that people watching from a desktop or laptop have the same intentions or desires as those watching from mobile (which is true across the web).

Where will you see these ads?

Currently, you’ll only see these ads on Google-powered Android devices—however, Apple devices aren’t likely far behind. With Apple’s drop of their traditional YouTube app last week, there’s room for Google to build its own YouTube Ad that, of course, incorporates these skippable ads.

Why did YouTube make this change?

According to Group Product Manager Phil Farhi, “The broad goal here is around aligning user experience and advertiser goals in a way that delivers a more accountable advertising platform to advertisers and the brand, as well as a better user experience.”

What is the BLASTmedia Team saying?

Ryan Noel, YouTube Adwords Specialist, described it like this:

“This is revolutionary for advertising on YouTube. We can now send specifically targeted mobile viewers to mobile friendly website landing pages and increase overall conversions through a better user experience.”

Blake Fife, Senior Account Executive and Lead Video Producer, had this to say:

Allowing In-Stream to run on mobile devices is a major leap forward for advertisers looking to extend their YouTube targeting reach, but it’s also a big deal for those partners looking to make a dime on YouTube’s behalf. Because so many people are shifting their viewing habit from the computer screen to the mobile screen, many of those partners who are putting out weekly content and monetizing it now have more opportunity.

So if you’re looking for a way to leverage these now-mobile YouTube ads, let us know–it’s time to join the screen BOOM!


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