PR, SEO and Your Business

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PR, SEO and Your Business
Does your company struggle to make conversions? Do users bounce from your website quickly? Are your customers loyal to you, or do they turn elsewhere for information? Do you have a PR strategy?

If you’re worried about the answer to any of these questions, consider this list of new strategies you can implement to help your business.

      1. Make a user-friendly website. One of the best ways to see conversions on your website is to ensure the user can easily navigate it. If a user lands on your website and can’t readily access what they’re looking for, it’s highly likely they will  leave and look elsewhere to find the information they seek. Make sure your website is aesthetically pleasing; has an evident call-to-action button (like “click here for a free demo”); has easily readable content that interlinks to the rest of the website; and has a blog.
      2. Use your blog to establish credibility as an industry leader. Another way to gain user trust is to create a blog that does not just promote your own product, but answers questions users are asking. For example, if your company specializes in HVAC units, consider a blog post about when a customer should call a technician versus when the problem can be handled without one. By giving your customers tips and tricks, you’re not only saving them money, but you could be providing them with information they can’t find elsewhere.  This increases trust, and eventually establishes loyalty.
      3. Use PR to marry SEO and Reputation Control. A solid PR team will discuss key terms that your company would like to target. Then your PR team will incorporate those key terms as they reactively pitch stories, trend pieces and press releases to the media. Incorporating a PR team into your marketing efforts can help your company maintain its reputation, publicize events and focus on SEO.
      4. Make your website compatible via mobile. The quickest way to increase the bounce rate on your website is to dismiss the importance of a mobile platform. Smartphones are convenient and fit today’s on-the-go lifestyles. Your customers are using their smartphone to access websites and information–so make sure your website is mobile-friendly. When you see the growth in conversions via mobile, you’ll be happy that you made it easier for users to access your company’s website.
      5. Incorporate social media into your overall strategy. This topic is so robust it could take up another blog–so try to focus on the basics. Choose which social media platform your company should use based on where your target audience resides. Does your company revolve around business ideas? Start with LinkedIN. Is your target audience primarily women? Well, Pinterest might be your best avenue. Looking for increased SEO opportunities? Try Google+.


There will always be ways to improve, from website architecture and content, to social media promotion, but the most important thing to remember is you are appealing to your customers. As long as you keep their needs in mind, you have won half the battle.

Do you need help incorporating these five tips into you daily business life? Contact Ryan Grieves to learn more about how BLASTmedia’s B2B PR team can help your business.


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