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By July 17, 2012 July 29th, 2016 Industry Perspective

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Lately, it seems the good people at YouTube have been making changes to the site almost constantly. From the layout of its pages to analytics and algorithms, continual improvements across the board are part of the reason YouTube has become the second-largest search engine on the web. It has certainly come a long way since the first (and perhaps best) video was uploaded in 2005.

The most recent change to YouTube is a substantial one, and if your business has yet to adopt online video as a healthy slice of its marketing pie, you’ll want to listen up.

YouTube is now using the Google Adwords for Video platform, which allows affordable, measurable, and hyper-targeted video ad campaigns to appear on YouTube and across the entire Google Display Network. With the new TrueView ad format options, you can determine where and how you want your ad to appear. The four TrueView ad options are outlined below, and you can select any a la carte combination of them when launching your campaign.

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Billing operates on a pay per-view basis and you are only charged when a user watches at least 30 seconds of your video. AdWords for Video uses the same type of bidding model that is applied to paid search advertising, meaning that you can often pay merely a couple cents to run your video for specific, targeted keywords. These changes—combined with improved demographic and topic-targeting capabilities—have marketers drooling.

The affordability of AdWords for Video campaigns has opened the opportunity for smaller businesses with smaller budgets to be real players in the online video ad world. You don’t need a huge budget to create the content for these ads, either. Although there are strategies and best practices to consider when making a video, existing content can also be tailored and repurposed for online ads.

For example, BLASTmedia created a video for Phosphor Watches that was designed to loop behind their booth at a tradeshow. The video was about 90 seconds and was targeted toward a broad demographic. When it came time to run an ad campaign, however, the video was edited into two shorter versions; one targeted toward men and one toward women. Then we used AdWords for Video’s demographic tools to target the respective user groups online.

Check out the original, as well as the two targeted videos, here:

AdWords TrueView In-Stream

It’s clear that advertisers are following consumers into their increasingly digital, online lifestyles. The new AdWords for Video platform demonstrates YouTube’s continued ability to remain an integral part of the changing scene.

Does your business need help launching a YouTube Ad campaign? At BLASTmedia we have a team of experts that can help. Call Julie Perry (317.806.1900 ext 124) to learn more!


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