How Creating a Social Media Plan is Like Putting Together a Boy Band

Since the early 90s, young women across the world have been swooning over “boy bands.” A slew of boy bands, typically composed of four or five young men, have crooned, danced and handsomed their way into the hearts of teenage girls (I confess, my poison was 98 Degrees).

social media boy bands

Even if you aren’t a fan of the genre, it’s pretty much guaranteed you’ve heard their names. From the original New Kids on the Block, to the big timers like ‘N Sync and the Backstreet Boys, and even the newcomers, One Direction and The Wanted—there’s a formula that just works. And as much as we might hate to admit it, there’s a lot we can learn from boy bands.

Skeptical? Rightly so; however, I’ve broken down the boy band formula to show you how it’s the perfect strategy for a social media plan:

Gather the Talent

Just as a boy band isn’t a boy band without, well, the boys, your social media plan is worthless if you don’t have a goal in mind. Before you start doing anything you need to determine what you’re promoting: is it your business as a whole? A specific product? A particular campaign? Once you’ve determined that, then you need to define what the goal is. Do you want to increase brand awareness, sales, or something else? Once you’ve chosen the “talent” you’ll be promoting, you’re ready for the next step.

Find Your Hit Song

Every boy band has that one song that’s universally known. Unless you live under a rock, you’ve heard One Direction’s “What Makes You Beautiful”—and it’s probably been stuck in your head (oh oh, you don’t know you’re beautiful…). Your “hit song” is the thing that you want to resonate in people’s minds. It might be your URL, the name of your product, or a specific call-to-action. Determine what that is—and “sing it” over and over again.

social media boy bands

Boy Bands came in all shapes and sizes, just like social media plans. Photo Cred: Music Fix

Choreograph the Dance Moves

After perfecting the hit song, it’s time to prepare the dance moves. Where boy bands jump, gyrate and pelvic thrust, you’re going to create, optimize and share content. Just as dance moves must be in sync with the music, the content you generate needs to be in sync with the platform on which you’re sharing it. Keep this in mind as you craft messages that will appear on your blog, Facebook Timeline, and YouTube channel—and alter each accordingly.

Get Matching Outfits

A token of boy bands in the 90s was their oh-so-fly coordinated outfits. Whether it was matching silk shirts or white suits, there was never any denying that those guys were a team. Similarly, even though your messages need to be catered to each platform, they shouldn’t be disjointed. Make sure you’re keeping the same general message (and your ultimate goal) in mind, so you don’t sound out of tune.

Entice Screams from Teenage Girls

Screaming. Crying. Fainting. These are just a few of the things teenage girls have done at the sight of their beloved boy bands. Hyperventilating teenagers probably isn’t your goal, so in their place, put product sales, brand recognition, lead procurement—or whatever it was you established as your end goal. If you’ve properly created and executed your social media plan, you’ll soon begin to see results. And hey, if screaming teenage girls in your goal, we won’t judge.

Need help building the perfect social media plan for your business? We’re pros at that (and we can appreciate a good boy band)—so give us a call to find out how we can help!


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