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Our work here at BLASTmedia isn’t just about getting our clients great coverage and producing awesome social media campaigns, it’s also about making that great PR coverage last longer and provide more value to our clients. One of the ways we do that is by aiding our clients in using new social media and online marketing tactics to support more traditional PR and marketing efforts.

Have we sparked your interest yet? Here are three (3) recent examples of a BLASTmedia spin on old school marketing:

1. Making Music Festival Product Promotion Accessible to All Audiences

  • Old School Marketing: Kicking-off a product promotion by attending a trade show or festival.
  • New Spin: Sharing your product kick-off promotion and show experience with your fans using Pinterest, Facebook, and other online platforms.

Client, Etón Corporation, attended Coachella last weekend as a kick-off to a month-long promotion of their new Bluetooth sound system, the Rukus. The incredible experiential marketing company out of Los Angeles, BeCore, helped get the product into the hands of influential festival-goers hanging out at the nearby Vestal Village.

For fans who weren’t able to attend the festival in California, new marketing tactics like taking images that were uploaded to Etón’s Instagram profile by Be Core brand ambassadors and event attendees and sharing them on Pinterest and Facebook made it possible to get a feel for the Rukus (and all its music-festival glory!) from the comfort of their couch. All digital assets created and shared at the show will now live online, tagged in ways to allow them to continue building brand awareness and driving traffic to Etón’s online profiles.


Etón’s new media presence is even helping connect this music festival appearance to the next. The Rukus-A-Day Giveaway, hosted on Etón’s blog, started at the Coachella event and leads all the way up to their appearance on the opposite coast at Bamboozle in New Jersey in May.

To help build the buzz for the official launch of the Rukus on May 1, promotional videos were added to YouTube yesterday (one for the solar Rukus and another for the non-solar version), and our team has been pushing these out via social channels to help support the month-long giveaway.

And it certainly didn’t hurt that Etón’s Rukus Solar was given a glowing review by our friends over at Mashable yesterday!

2. Using an Online Infographic to Give a White Paper New Life

  • Old School Marketing Tactic: Distributing a white paper.
  • New Spin: Creating and distributing an infographic to visually support your white paper.

Act-On Software recently released an infographic titled, Lead Lifecycle Analytics Dashboard that details a white paper about the findings of a Gleanster marketing automation survey. Online infographics are a fairly recent phenomenon that we’ve seen used in a number of ways—as link bait, as advertisements or branding pieces, and sometimes just to demonstrate a new product, service, or method of doing business…But one of our favorite things to see B2B clients doing is creating infographics to accompany white papers that contain lots of data, in order to help tell the story and present the findings in a more visual way.

This infographic not only presents the contents of Act-On’s white paper in a new and interesting way, it also provides new opportunities for outreach to blogs and other media. (Note that beneath the infographic, there is a lead capture form that must be filled out in order to download the white paper, so this is also an excellent example of online lead generation.)

Next stop: a video infographic! (That’s right: static infographics are SO 2011…It’s time to set that storytelling data in motion! Very 2012, it is.) 😉

3. Creating Content and Targeting Captive Audiences with YouTube Reviews

  • Old School Marketing Tactic: Reaching out to newspapers, magazines, and other traditional media outlets with news about your product.
  • New Spin: Getting a popular YouTube star to review your product on his or her channel.

At BLAST, not only do make outreach to traditional media to review our clients’ products, we also reach out to YouTube personalities with large fan bases. These YouTube reviewers provide candid feedback regarding customer products as well as content we can feature on our clients YouTube channels. (And the thing we love about them the most is that they usually lead to a lot of immediate direct sales for our clients!)

Check out this recent review for Adonit’s Write Plus Case for the iPad from Revision3 star, Solider Knows Best!

Interested in giving your product or service a new spin? BLASTmedia offers traditional media relations and PR services, as well as social media and video development. Contact Mendy Werne to learn more!


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