How to Set-Up Pinterest for Your Business in 5 Easy Steps

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Pinterest is taking over the online space faster than ever. According to a TIME article, Pinterest drives more traffic than YouTube, Reddit, LinkedIn, and Google+ combined. Is your product or service visual? If so, get your pins ready! Learn the five basic steps to setting up a Pinterest account and start gaining more attention for your business!

1. Create an Account
After receiving a Pinterest invite, you are now ready to start building your profile. The easiest way it to sign up with your business’ existing Twitter account. Next, create your username and password—if possible, make your username the same as on all your other accounts (for brand consistency). Follow relevant topics that are similar to your business. Finish up the account process by following your Facebook or Twitter users already using Pinterest.

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2. Build boards
One of the great things about Pinterest is that once you “pin” something, it directs the user straight to the web address associated with the pin. Build your boards around your products. Phosphor has a women’s watch line and men’s watch line, so we created boards accordingly.

pinterest boards for business

However, if you only “pin” your products or services, customers will be turned off…which brings us to our next point:


3. Get Creative
Like we said, no one wants to see a bunch of boards full of just your products. Mix it up by organizing boards according to topics your target audience is interested in. Phosphor, for example, uses board titles like “Orange-Ya-Glad” and “Wall Flower” to organize their fashion boards. If your product or service is more tech-focused, you could create boards like “Techy Gift Ideas,” or “Tech to Try.” You can also use the upcoming or current seasons and holidays as a way to stay relevant. “Be My Valentine” for Phosphor was a big hit as people looked for things to add to their own Valentine’s day-themed boards. Here are a few examples of Phosphor’s Boards:

pinterest boards for business

4. Interact with Others
Be engaging and gain followers by interacting with them, just as you would on Twitter or Facebook. Like, comment or re-pin their pins to show that you’re interested in what they have to say. You can also see what your followers are into, and use that to gain new ideas.

5. Google Analytics
Thanks to Google Analytics, you can track how many times your Pinterest profile sent traffic to your website, what your busiest days were, and your top “pins.” This can help you grasp a better idea of what to pin for the future. This is a great way to see how successful you have been and tweak your pins and boards for the best results.

*BONUS TIP: Host a Contest
When you create a new board, there’s the option to allow others to add content to that board. Utilize this feature to hold a Pinterest contest for your followers! This can help drive traffic and user awareness to your product or service. The CRAVE company holds “What do you CRAVE” Pinterest contests that gain a lot of attention!

What ways will you be using Pinterest for your business? Will you be holding Pinterest contests and if so, in which way? Make sure to think about using Google+ along with Pinterest to draw even more of an audience.

Need help implementing a Pinterest campaign for your business? We’d love to help! Give us a call: (317) 806-1900.


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