The 5 Best Features of Facebook Insights (And Why You Should Look at Them)

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You’ve joined Facebook, set up a Page for your business and started sharing content with your devoted fans. That’s great—but how do you know if it’s working? It doesn’t do you any good to keep throwing stuff at the wall if it’s not sticking.

Lucky for you (and all of us, really), Facebook provides free insights for Pages. Okay…you probably already knew that. What you might not know, however, is how in-depth and incredibly helpful these insights can be if you know how to use them.

Facebook insights - main screen

During my time at BLASTmedia, I’ve used Facebook Insights for multiple clients, all of whom hope to achieve different things with their Facebook Pages. Today, I’m going to share with you what I believe are the 5 Best Features of Facebook Insights.

Custom Dates

Want to look at the stats of your Page for the past week, month, quarter or even since the beginning of time? Use the controls in the top right corner of Insights to set the dates you prefer to see.

Facebook insights - custom dates

This is a great way to look at how activity has changed over a specific period of time. Look at the past few weeks to see if your activity is higher on weekdays or the weekend. Check out the past year (if your Page has been around that long) to see if there are any glaring trends (ex: lower activity in the summer vs. winter).

Note: If you’re moving throughout the different sections in Insights, make sure you re-select your custom dates each time. Typically, it will automatically reset to the last month when you go to a new page.

Export Stats

This might be my favorite feature of Facebook Insights—exporting data to Excel. After you’ve chosen your custom date, hit “Export” to the right. Immediately, you’ll be greeted with an 8-tab strong Excel document of all the Facebook stats you could dream of. Broken down by daily, weekly, monthly, and lifetime, you can see things like: active users, likes, unlikes, post views, internal/external referrers, cities and gender—to name a few.

facebook insights - export data

You can use these stats to look at trends, or you can easily use them to make charts and graphs right in Excel. Show these to clients, upper management or executives who need a quick, simple look at the information. Your CEO wants to know how many people liked your Page over the holiday weekend or during your last big sale? No problem.

Tabs Viewed

If you’ve created custom tabs for your Page, this section is for you. The “Users” tab gives you the number of users that visited every one of your tabs. If these numbers are low, it probably means the tab needs to be tweaked!

facebook insights - tab views

Post Impressions/Feedback

Under “Interactions” is a section called “Page Posts.” This section displays 10 of your last status updates with the date and time (to the minute) they were posted and the number of impressions each received. It also gives you the amount of feedback the post had—this is given as a percentage of your total number of fans.

facebook insights- Post impressions

I love this section because it allows us to see which posts are working and which aren’t. Better than that, however, I can see what time of day is best to share information with my Page’s fans. Looking at this section regularly will help you hone in on the perfect time to get the most engagement from your fans.

Like Sources

Are you running Facebook Ads? Do you have a Like button on your website or blog? If so, do you know if they’re driving new likes? To find out, simply go to the “Users” section of Insights. The “Like Sources” box lists all the places from which your Page’s likes are originating and how many likes are coming from each of those places.

facebook insights - like sources

Use these tips to review the progress of your Facebook Page and figure out what works best for your business and, more importantly, your customers.

Still stumped on Facebook even after these tips? Give us a call to find out how we can help you manage your Facebook campaign! Ask for Mendy – 317-866-1900, ext. 113.


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