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We here at BLASTmedia believe strongly in the power of PR and social media. A well-crafted PR pitch can lead to a great story, but what happens after that story runs? It could be picked up by another news source or it might just die. But, with the help of social media, stories can gain an entirely new life—spreading across the Internet faster than a cold in a kindergarten classroom (they don’t call it going viral for nothing!)

That’s why the BLAST team works side-by-side using both PR and social media to bring our clients the best results, and our interns are no exception. While we on the social media side of the house are happy to claim intern Natasha Seitz as our own, our newest social media intern is a perfect example of how well PR and social media go together. Though she found her internship with the help of social media, Natasha is majoring in Public Relations and even holds a position on the exec-board of her school’s chapter of PRSSA. When asked how she thinks social media aids PR and vise-versa, Natasha responded with this analogy:

“I think of social media and PR as salt and pepper. The two are supposed to complement each other, while too much salt and not enough pepper throws the whole recipe off. I love how a PR pitch can have a longer impact through tweeting and YouTube videos. And social media can provide a reference point for the PR side. I think this mutually beneficial relationship is key to creating a successful client strategy.”

This girl knows her stuff! Learn more about our newest social media intern in this quick Q&A.

Nickname: Tasha and Tash are two common ones, but most people just use my full name since it’s unique!
Hometown: Newburgh, Indiana.
College: IUPUI, but I’m not a Purdue girl. Go Hoosiers!
Favorite childhood memory: When I was seven, my mom and dad said we were going to Louisville, KY for vacation. My dad drove straight from Newburgh to the Louisville airport and, after my mom got out the camera, they said, “Surprise! We aren’t going to Louisville, we’re going to Disney World!” I started bawling because I didn’t think I had enough toys to go to Florida. That tape gets replayed. Often.
Favorite sport: High school and college wrestling. I grew up going to meets every Saturday and still go home for tournaments. But Big Ten football is a close second.
Favorite movie: You’ve Got Mail. I can quote the entire movie.
Random fact: My eyes constantly change back and forth between blue and green. Oh, and I get told nearly everyday that my handwriting should be a font.
One word to describe you: Determined.
Favorite quote: “Wherever you go, no matter what the weather, always bring your own sunshine.” Anthony J. D’Angelo
Favorite Social Media Site/Tool/App: Tweetdeck. I love my lists and pop-up notifications from people I follow on Twitter. It keeps me organized and up-to-date.
How would you describe your job at BLASTmedia?: Motivating. Everyday I learn something new that I would never learn in a classroom. The team at BLAST is so welcoming and genuine and I can’t thank them enough. Not only do I get to assist in client social media strategies and help the agency, but I get to grow and develop as a young PR professional.

Want to learn more about how Natasha and the rest of our team can help your company harness the power of PR and social media? Contact us to see what we can do for you!


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