4 Tips for Finding your Next PR Job or Internship

By September 9, 2010 July 29th, 2016 Industry Perspective

Finding a job or internship can be a job in itself. As a PR professional or student, the constant stream of digital communication may make the job search seem overwhelming.

When it comes to finding a PR or social media job, landing the interview, or even receiving the offer letter, students and pros can leverage several key strategies for successful job searches. Remember those little sayings your mom always said you to growing up? Might I suggest we revisit those for some quick tips on landing the job or internship:

1. Don’t Talk to Strangers:

I know we weren’t supposed to talk to people we did not know, but now with social media and networking, you can easily connect with people outside of your tight-knit network.

Sherrie Bakshi recently shared some insight into networking for jobs on ComPRehension in “It’s Not Just About Being a PR Expert – Become an Industry Expert”

  • Network beyond your professional circle
  • Attend events where you could be of potential value
  • Use social media to interact with other types of professionals

2. Eat Your Vegetables:

The vegetables of the PR industry are the key industry blogs, sites and trends that professionals read on a daily basis. Gaining knowledge about the industry is important when preparing for a networking event or interview. Become well-versed in key industry blogs, sites and trends important to PR professionals. The popular digital media news site Mashable includes several PR professionals’ tips about knowing your stuff before the interview in “How TO: Land a Career in Digital Public Relations.

What are some other ways you can be prepared? Dan Schawbel highlights some great tips for being knowledgeable before the interview in To be a Generalist or a Specialist”:

“Gain Knowledge: Purchase books or eBooks on your topic on Amazon, the iPad, or any other site or device that you use. Also, you should register for google.com/reader and subscribe to blogs and traditional news sources in your area so that you’ll always be up-to-date and relevant. You could also take online classes or on-site classes at your nearest college if you want to spruce up your skills.”

3. Stay Active:

There are thousands of employers and recruiters utilizing social media. By being active in social media, you can easily connect with PR professionals to network, gain insight into the job search process, or even land an interview.

PRSA recently hosted a panel of key PR professionals who offered “10 Tips to get PR jobs through social media” :

A few highlights include:

  • Include more specifics: Especially on your LinkedIn profile, make sure to include detailed information about your previous experience.
  • Tame your screen names: Don’t use “cute” email addresses, twitter handles, etc.
  • Connect on Facebook and/or LinkedIn: Don’t just reply or RT someone on twitter, use the other mediums including Facebook messages or LinkedIn.
  • Join Groups: Utilize an already established to find available job positions or hiring managers.
  • Continue learning: Always be looking for another relevant blog or case study.
  • Remember job interviews are a test: Recruiters notice misspellings and typos on your social media accounts.

4. Say Please and Thank You:

Offer a thank you and a follow up to the potential employer, recruiter or interviewer — this shows you appreciated their time and are interested in the position.

Arik Hanson suggests using social media for the Thank You in “6 Creative Ways to Land a Job in Digital PR

“Write a blog thank you: A friend of mine  recently had a candidate who thanked her for an interview via a blog post (she also sent a private note and posted a note on her Facebook page). The end result? The candidate got the job. If you’re applying for a job in the digital realm, why not put one of the primary tactics to good use?”

So, if you’re looking for a job or internship in PR – don’t necessarily listen to your mom’s childhood rules. At BLASTmedia we are always looking for great talent. If you are interested in working with us, send your resume to indyjobs@blastmedia.com.


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