BLASTmedia Celebrates "National Talk in an Elevator Day" with a Pitchfest

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Today, the last Friday in July, is “National Talk in an Elevator Day.” Ever heard of it? Neither had we…

BLASTmedia team National Talk in an Elevator Day 2

BLASTmedia team members BEFORE "National Talk in an Elevator Day"

So here’s the scoop:

In honor of this glorious day, when riding on elevators, people actually have to STOP staring at what floor number they’re on, and—in complete violation of the unwritten code of elevator silence—they must actually TALK in their elevator. (what!?) We know…It’s crazy. But once our team of professional communicators here at BLASTmedia learned of it, we couldn’t resist some sort of a celebration.

This morning when I stepped into the elevator, I informed my co-rider that it was National Talk in an Elevator Day. In response, she asked “is that why you are talking to me?”…I guess I failed (I blame lack of coffee), but I talked to the rest of the BLASTmedia team and asked them to send me an elevator pitch describing themselves, a client, a loved one, a product, or just what they do here at BLASTmedia…

If you don’t already know, the elevator pitch—so named because it should last no longer than the average elevator ride—is one of the most effective communication methods available to reach new audiences with a winning message. Being able to sum up unique aspects of your service or product in a way that excites others should be a fundamental skill for PR professionals. We often use this method at tradeshows, when phone pitching, and especially now in our social media communications, where delivering a powerful and actionable message in 140 characters or less has become key.

See how our BLASTmedia public relations and social media pros delivered on their “National Talk in an Elevator Day” Elevator Pitch Pitchfest:

  • Sabrina Cook summing up her life in Twitter jargon:
    “Tech PR goddess at BLASTmedia, SF resident, IN native, Purdue Basketball fanatic, owner of a very naughty dog, Mackey. I’ll do anything for a cupcake.”
  • Lindsey Groepper wants you to respond:
    “I’ve climbed the Great Wall of China. Any interest?”
  • Carey Driscoll helps others get where they want to go:
    “Which floor?”
  • Ashley Halberstadt followed her co-rider off the elevator to finish this:
    “My clients include a variety of gadgets and gizmos and I work with editors, bloggers, reporters, producers and the like to inform them about the products and encourage them to write hands-on reviews to share with their readers or viewers. It’s not paid placement like advertising, it’s the writers’ own opinions, which builds credibility with their audiences. Ultimately, that coverage drives traffic and sales for my clients.”
  • Ryan Greives and Ashley talk about the same topics on the elevator:
    “What I do is get companies and their products/services local and national media coverage in magazines, newspapers, television, online, etc. Unlike advertising, I create a story angle that I can approach media editors and producers so they can write or broadcast unbiased, third-party reviews or stories, which will ultimately help drive a client’s overall business goals.”
  • Jennifer Regnier on what she loves in life:
    “Love my pup, my job in PR, my obsession with running, my family & friends, my social life, exploring food, baking and living in Indy.”
  • Mendy Werne keeps it short and sweet:
    “Loves Mt. Dew, to-do lists, being a mom and working with passionate people.”
  • Jacqueline Simard believes in genuine friendliness:
    “Good day to you, fellow elevator rider! It is a beautiful day, is it not? And my, what a dapper suit you are wearing this fine morning. Why, you enjoy my dress just as much? Well, thank you, kind sir! Ha, who said chivalry is dead? Not you, that’s for certain!”
  • This is exactly why Seanie “Mic” Ireton is so influential:
    “I am not responsible for that flatulence. That’s right, I use smart words. Hire me.”
  • Emily Trimble on being a social media nerd:
    “Blogger. Tweeter. Facebooker. YouTuber. All-around Internet scavenger. #coolestpersonyouwillevermeet #hiremeplease”

    Emily Trimble

    BLAST's beloved nerd, Emily

  • Kiersten Moffat bleeds blue:
    “If all else fails, Peyton Manning’s commercials are funny.”
  • And finally, Julie Perry, who is prone to wax poetic about her team’s social media skills, made this more of an exercise in limerick writing:
    “Little Miss Perry sat on a search query, tweeting her fingers away…
    Along came a Google Bot,
    Who thought that her keywords were hot,
    And now she’s outranked your competition away.”

Feel free to share your elevator pitches in the comments section below, and don’t be shy when you step on your nearest elevator today. Have a great Friday and an even better weekend!


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