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By April 8, 2010Client Successes

“Social Media” seems to be the buzz word of the century, and everyone knows it’s only going to grow— not only as a buzz word, but as a tool to build company exposure, grab consumers’ attention, and help expedite industry growth. According to Econsultancy Digital Marketers United and TG Daily, at least 175 million users log on to Facebook every 24 hours, the average number of Tweets per hour was around 1.3 million, and YouTube is now the second largest search engine, surpassing Yahoo! in 2008.

Social media is also no longer just for the college student and the teenager jumping online after school—components of social media benefit industries, companies, and brands. Brian Solis, a digital analyst, weighs in: “Whether you’re in the business of creating, marketing, selling, or distributing media, the social Web is an incredible medium that can create a brand, establish visibility, and build demand, all without active promotion. It’s about letting your expertise or work market itself through the practice of a socialized form of inbound marketing that helps make content discoverable when people search.”

What does this mean for our clients?

It means our clients, businesses, and organizations can harness the power of social media by maximizing a few simple components:

1. Facebook

Many people still think Facebook is for college students, but this number one social media site has expanded to include many businesses and brands, allowing companies to target a wider target audience. Banglz, a BLASTmedia client, has built a Facebook Fan page serving as a community for consumers interested in both resistance training and the product. Heck, even we at BLASTmedia enjoy connecting and generating a presence on Facebook!

2. Twitter

Twitter allows you to take your message viral—literally. A simple link, message, video or image can travel around the world in 2 seconds. By creating a following of people who seek industry news, happenings, and products, businesses can effectively create greater exposure. Take a look at BLAST’s client Dexim and their awesome Twitter campaign.

3. YouTube

As the second largest search engine, YouTube is a powerful tool many companies don’t think to utilize. Add in a little Search Engine Optimization, and BAM: Web Search Results. By creating a community of videos and information, you can visually build credibility. Try creating a YouTube Channel like our client,

4. Social Bookmarking

When you have an article or post floating out in cyberspace about your brand, business, or product, the best thing you can do is post-optimize it with social bookmarking. Social bookmarking sites such as Digg, Mixx and Delicious are ways for you to create industry relationships—while gaining a greater search engine presence.  Take a look at on Digg.

5. Blogging

Every company or business Website should have a blog. Why? Not only does it generate credibility for your brand, create a personal feeling for consumers, and keep your audience updated, blogs can help you optimize your content.  By creating keyword-rich content, businesses can gain a greater search engine presence. Our client, My Child ID from, recently created a blog on their Microsite, BuyMyChildID.

While some of the social media outlets seem like common sense, many companies don’t utilize them—or at least not correctly. A study at the Center for Marketing Research at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth confirms that America’s fastest growing private companies adopt social media marketing initiatives at much higher rates than other companies, and that interest in social media has grown since the first study was conducted in 2007.

Take some cues from some of the Inc. 500 companies – or touch base with our BLASTmedia resident social media guru, Julie.


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