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By March 4, 2010 July 29th, 2016 Industry Perspective

We are in the business of communicating while executing technology public relations campaigns, and writing is an obvious part of our day-to-day activities. Today marks National Grammar Day, which made us curious…what are peoples’ biggest grammar pet peeves? We conducted a very official Twitter poll and found that the most annoying grammatical mistake is (drum roll please…):

The misuse of their/there/they’re and the misuse of you’re/your, which received 60 percent of the online votes.

We also had some write-in answers from our Twitter followers:

homelessnickle – Fewer/less misuse & “I should have went”

Rose_at_O – Its and It’s

brussell10 – “they’re vs. their vs. there” and “its vs. it’s” are two grammar mistakes that irk me.

AlisonMooreMK – ending sentence w/ preposition (ex: where are you at?)

While ending a sentence with a preposition is a personal peeve of mine, edeckers brought a recent article to our attention that debunks many of the grammatical errors, including the preposition debate. Apparently, the NPR radio show Word Nerds says this is a very old rule dating back to the 17th century and many wordsmiths argue that people simply don’t speak this way anymore (think “on what did you step?” or “from which state are you?”).

For us, correct grammar is a MUST, especially since our written communication reflects our clients’ reputation, not just our own. Did you forget to weigh in on our poll? Leave a comment and tell us your grammatical pet peeve.

Or, if u cant find wear your supposta leaf you’re comment, we can show u wear its at!


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  • Julie says:

    That last line is freaking hilarious, Lindsey. Brava!

    There were also some interesting write-in answers to this post on our BLASTmedia Facebook Fan Page (http://www.facebook.com/BLASTmedia):

    Linda Acton Nelson: my personal pet peeve is “we done this” i/o “we did this”

    Katie Wagner: when people mix up weather and whether

    Jacqueline Scanlon: I hate it when people use the word “like” all the time. Like it really bothers me. Like ya know?

    And as a note to this last one: interviews with Drew Barrymore can be rough to sit through. “Um, like, ya know, like…um…yeah, like…?”

  • Ashley says:

    Lindsey, that last line reminds me of the “circle the error” worksheets I used to “hafta” do in school. I miss those.

    I had a couple of people tell me their peeves as well, my favorite was from Erin Simmons – when people use “towards” instead of “toward.”

  • Brian D. Shelton says:

    Oh, it’s so sad that it’s so obvious you are headquartered in Indianapolis! 😉 Nice work, Lindsey!

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  • Bill Barrett says:

    Wonder if they need a poster child or adult? Always thought it only pissed the nuns off. Got that wrong to.

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