Apteligent, a mobile app intelligence provider with customers like eBay, Pinterest, LinkedIn and CNN, tasked BLASTmedia with securing top-tier media placements for its data set on Apple’s iOS 9 adoption. With the goal of positioning Apteligent as a thought leader in the mobile software space, the client challenged BLASTmedia to use Apteligent’s commentary to lead the conversation following Apple’s latest announcement.


After reviewing the adoption rate information with Apteligent’s data experts, BLASTmedia crafted messaging on Apteligent’s predictive model for how quickly consumers would update to iOS 9. Leveraging relationships with top-tier technology press, BLASTmedia snapped into action the day of Apple’s announcement – pitching top-tier tech press facilitating one-on-one press interviews for Apteligent’s CEO and marketing leader, as well as offering digestible charts created by Apteligent.

Also, following Apple’s announcement that adoption for iOS 9 was at 50 percent less than a week after the software’s release, BLASTmedia advised Apteligent to react to the news. With data from its own customers and two other sources, Apteligent refuted Apple’s data, stating that the data was skewed. BLASTmedia pitched the commentary and facilitated press interviews with media.


As a result of BLASTmedia’s outreach, Apteligent’s predictive model was featured in Re/Code, Business Insider, Network World, ComputerWorld, Cult of Mac, eWeek, CIO, VentureBeat, Digital Trends, FOX News, Yahoo! News, InformationWeek, MacWorld and BGR. Apteligent’s opposition data following Apple’s announcement also earned coverage in TrustedReviews, ReadWrite, BetaNews and ValueWalk.

Business Insider

“According to data from app monitoring service Apteligent, compiled here by Statista, app crashes spiked on every iPhone after the release of iOS 8 last September.”

Yahoo! News

“Apteligent says that iOS 9 adoption will hit 31% after seven days, compared to 35% for iOS 8. In the long run, iOS 9 should reach 50% by day 25, three days faster than iOS 9.”


“Apteligent co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer Andrew Levy predicts that by Sunday, some 20 percent of global iPhone users will have updated their software.”